ASBC Future Stars – Iran’s 9-year-old Mohammadreza Yarahmadi from Lorestan Province

Following 8-year-old Ali Khodadadi, another superb talented Iranian boxer appeared in the international social media pages, Mohammadreza Yarahmadi who proved his amazing skills also in the recent days. He amazed also as Khodadadi and his boxing and sparring videos are available in all channels of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

Iran’s Mohammadreza Yarahmadi was born in 2011, he is only 9-year-old but could be one of the ASBC Future Stars in the next decade. Mohammadreza Yarahmadi lives and trains in the city of Borujerd in Lorestan Province of Iran which is located in Western part of country. Among the existing modern cities of Iran, Borujerd is one of the oldest ones and it is the capital of the Borujerd County.

Mohammadreza Yarahmadi’s coach is Mr. Homayoun Godarzi who controls the boxing developments of the young talent, his training schedule and sparring events. Besides to Ali Khodadadi, Yarahmadi could be Iran’s next big hope in the upcoming years when the boys will be able to join to the international stage as schoolboys.

The President of the Iranian Boxing Federation Mr. Hossein Souri and his management has got the full control on their new projects which includes the patronage of the younger talents who are under 10-years. All of the Iranian provinces and cities began their campaigns with the support of the Iranian Boxing Federation to find talents and manage them professionally from the very beginning of their career.

The management of the Iranian Boxing Federation is expecting to increase the number of their young boxers and communities with more than 10,000 talents until the end of the year as the benefit of the program.

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