ASBC Asian Junior Champions Tanu and Mahi Raghav earned gold medals at the Indian Women’s School U19 National Games

The women’s finals took place at the 66th Indian School U19 National Games which was held in the city of Bhopal. The ASBC Asian Junior Champions as Tanu and Mahi Raghav earned their next gold medals in India.

The event saw the participation of 217 young girls in Bhopal where the bantamweight (54kg) was the most popular with 24 boxers on the board. Twenty-five regions and teams competed in the women’s part of the 66th Indian School U19 National Games. All of the regions were allowed to send one boxer per weight class and eight of the teams had maximum number of 12 female boxers in Bhopal.

Female boxers who were born in 2004, 2005 and 2006 all were allowed to participate in the School U19 National Games in Bhopal. Next to the official categories from the minimumweight (48kg) up to the heavyweight (+81kg), the pinweight (45kg) was also added to the program of the School National Games.

Punjab’s Neetu claimed the first gold medal of the Indian Women’s School National Games, she won the additional pinweight (45kg) in Bhopal after four clear victories. The minimumweight (48kg) is always a strong category in India, Haryana’s Kashish Mehta became the winner following her success over Yamini Kanwar of Rajasthan.

Haryana’s Minakshi had two very difficult contests at the flyweight (51kg) but her excellent finish were enough to beat both Khushi Deepak Jadhav and Gouri Goswami. Haryana’s next sensation, the 2021 ASBC Asian Junior Champion Tanu was the main favourite at the bantamweight (54kg) and she accomplished her objective in Bhopal, winning the final against Bhoomi Singh Chouhan.

Maharashtra is a huge region in India, and their boxers are also earned plenty of medals in the recent national events. Their Swapna Kiran Chavan dominated the featherweight (57kg) in Bhopal where she was too smart for her opponents including Chanchal in the final. The Maharashtra state’s next ace, Vaishnavi Satish Waghmare was also succeeded, she defeated Delhi’s Siya at the lightweight (60kg).

ASBC Asian Junior Champion Mahi Raghav was one of the most experienced boxers in the entire competition but she had to do her very best to earn the gold medal against difficult opponents such as Madhura Sanjay Patil and Swastika Dhami. Another ASBC junior medallist, Supriya Rawat of Delhi is also a boxer who need to be watched in the future following her title at the welterweight (66kg) in Bhopal.

The list of the winners at the 2023 Indian Women’s School U19 National Games

 Women’s 45kg: Neetu

 Women’s 48kg: Kashish Mehta

 Women’s 51kg: Minakshi

 Women’s 54kg: Tanu

 Women’s 57kg: Swapna Kiran Chavan

 Women’s 60kg: Vaishnavi Satish Waghmare

 Women’s 64kg: Mahi Raghav

 Women’s 66kg: Supriya Rawat

 Women’s 69kg: Akansha Phalaswal

 Women’s 75kg: Naina

 Women’s 81kg: Anjuman Sharma

 Women’s +81kg: Tashree Menaria

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