AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Im Ae Ji won an important title in the South Korean National Championships

The next edition of the South Korean National Championships was held for their best female and male boxers in the Cheongyang County Gymnasium. AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Im Ae Ji moved up to the lightweight (60kg) and claimed her next title in South Korea while Incheon 2014 Asian Games winner Ham Sang Myeong also returned with a gold medal.
South Korea’s boxing life was Asia’s best in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s but in the recent two decades their boxers were not able to repeat those successes due the high concurrency in our continent. In spite of their difficulties the South Koreans claimed medals in all important AIBA and ASBC events in the recent years. The South Koreans hired new coaches and their National Federation is working hard to reach more medals in the international stage.
The women’s elite boxers could attend in three different weight classes in the National Championships. The first gold medal of the whole elite event was taken by AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist 21-year-old Lee Suk Yeong who is a strong future hope and defeated Jeong Ju Hyeong at the flyweight (51kg).
Guwahati 2017 AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Im Ae Ji turned to 20 and moved up to the lightweight (60kg) in the recent weeks. The super talented young Korean defeated Jeon Myeong Seon in the final of the event while Ko Hyeon Yeong and Jeju 2014 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships bronze medallist veteran boxer Shim Hui Jeong took only bronze medals in the event.
The South Korean coaches tried several boxers to represent the country at the women’s middleweight (75kg) therefore the event was their next selection tournament before the main goals in 2019. The experienced 26-year-old Seong Su Yeon eliminated Kim Shin Hyeong in the semi-final of the women’s middleweight (75kg) and continued her winning path against Choi Soo Yeon in the title contest.
In the first male final at the light flyweight (49kg) An Seong Ho was able to beat 19-year-old Choi Seok in a hectic contest. Hamburg 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Kim In Kyu was not able to attend at the flyweight (52kg) in the national event and in his absence 22-year-old Kang Dong Heon won the gold medal following his success over Sin Yoo Hwan.
The bantamweight (56kg) gold medal was achieved by Kim Hyeong Sung who triumphed over Lee Min Seong in the final. Ham Sang Myeong claimed gold medal in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games at the age of 19 and returned in top shape after a few poor years. The lightweight (60kg) boxer eliminated national team member Choi Hae Ju in the semi-finals and controlled his final against veteran Choe Sang Don as well.
The next title in the South Korean National Championships was taken by Lee Jong Seung after beating Kim Kang Tae in the final of the light welterweight (64kg). Kim Jae Hak won the important welterweight (69kg) title beating Son Seok Jun while experienced Hong In Pyo claimed only bronze medal in the event.
Song Joo Hyeon surprised at the middleweight (75kg) with his success over Shin Dong Wook while experienced boxers as World Military Games bronze medallist Lee Dong Jin and Kim Jong Woo achieved only bronze medals. World Military Champion Yang Hee Geun dominated the next final against Park Jin Hoon and excellent international level boxers Kim Jin Ki and Park Sang Kyu failed their semi-final contests at the light heavyweight (81kg).
Kim Dong Hoe attended in the Milan 2009 AIBA World Boxing Championships and after a few years of break he returned with a gold medal at the heavyweight (91kg) beating Kim Chih Oh in the final. The super heavyweight (+91kg) delivered tough fights in the national event where Song Hwa Pyeong claimed the gold medal following his success over Kim Ji Woong in the final. Park Nam Hyung and AIBA World Boxing Championships competitor veteran Heo Jin Ho achieved bronze medals.

List of the winners in the South Korean National Championships
Women’s 51kg: Lee Suk Yeong
Women’s 60kg: Im Ae Ji
Women’s 75kg: Seong Su Yeon
Men’s 49kg: An Seong Ho
Men’s 52kg: Kang Dong Heon
Men’s 56kg: Kim Hyeong Sung
Men’s 60kg: Ham Sang Myeong
Men’s 64kg: Lee Jong Seung
Men’s 69kg: Kim Jae Hak
Men’s 75kg: Song Joo Hyeon
Men’s 81kg: Yang Hee Geun
Men’s 91kg: Kim Dong Hoe
Men’s +91kg: Song Hwa Pyeong

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