Afghanistan’s teenage talent Sehlab Bagrami won the title at the Kabul City Boxing Championships

The Kabul City Boxing Championships was an important competition in Afghanistan which took place for the elite male boxers in the capital city of the country. In the annual Kabul City Boxing Championships, the best athletes were 19-year-old Sehlab Bagrami (52kg), Mojeebullah Shah (60kg), Jawad Kabul (75kg) and Hekmatullah Hotak (81kg).

Afghanistan competed in several international events this year and their boxers claimed medals in the Kuwait City ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships and their talents were near to get podium places also in the Bangkok ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and at the Fujairah ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships.

Afghanistan sent boxers to the Yekaterinburg AIBA World Boxing Championships and in the last month of the year their best athletes attended in the World Cup of Petroleum Countries Tournament in Beloyarskiy, Russia. The Afghan boxers attended international events also in Indonesia, in China and in other competitions.

The Kabul City Boxing Championships is a top national event where high number of boxers attended for the titles. Kabul has got more than 100 boxing clubs in the city and at least 10,000 boxers therefore the quantity was guaranteed in their regional competition which saw 10 new champions after the final day of boxing.

The first male elite title was achieved by Nematullah Khorshid at the men’s light flyweight (49kg) which is competitive in Afghanistan’s boxing life. Khorshid impressed in the first final of the Kabul City Boxing Championships and defeated Arsalan Oqab achieving his next tournament title.

A talented teenager Sehlab Bagrami claimed the gold medal in the 2018 Kabul City Youth Boxing Championships and joined to the elite age group on January 2019. The 19-year-old boxer attended in the elite level at the very first time but his current boxing knowledge was enough to beat Darwesh Oqab in the final of the flyweight (52kg).

Habibullah Rahmani has got experiences from several national events therefore his gold medal at the bantamweight (56kg) was not a surprise. Mojeebullah Shah claimed silver medal in the last 2018 edition of the Kabul City Boxing Championships which he changed into gold in the new competition. The lightweight (60kg) boxer was too strong for Jamshed Mashal in the fourth final of the Kabul competition.

Following Sultan Forqan (64kg) and Saeed Modaser Afghan (69kg) won their gold medals a teenage hope earned the seventh title in the event. Jawad Kabul is also 19 as Sehlab Bagrami and following his silver medal at the 2018 Kabul City Youth Boxing Championships, he achieved gold at the middleweight (75kg) of the 2019 elite edition.

Hekmatullah Hotak arrived from a boxing family, his elder brothers are also national level boxers but his time has come in the new edition of the Kabul City Boxing Championships where he took the title of the light heavyweight (81kg) after beating Murtaza Osmani. Abdul Qader Heidari (91kg) and Muhammad Asef Aryana (+91kg) were the further gold medallists in the competition.

List of the winners in the Kabul City Boxing Championships
49kg: Nematullah Khorshid
52kg: Sehlab Bagrami
56kg: Habibullah Rahmani
60kg: Mojeebullah Shah
64kg: Sultan Forqan
69kg: Saeed Modaser Afghan
75kg: Jawad Kabul
81kg: Hekmatullah Hotak
91kg: Abdul Qader Heidari
+91kg: Muhammad Asef Aryana

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