Afghanistan will compete in the upcoming 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event

Afghanistan sent three boxers to the recent Asian Games which was the first qualification event for their team to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The Afghan elite national team contains a fantastic female boxer, the German-based Sadia Bromand as well.

Afghanistan has many difficulties but the country arranged all of their national competitions in 2023 and their management selected the team for the upcoming 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event which will be held in Busto Arsizio, Italy.

The team manager of the Afghan delegation will be Mr. Waheedullah Hameedi who worked hard to build up the country’s boxing future in the previous seven years.

Afghanistan had great schoolboys results in 2019 and the country participated in several events in 2023 despite their economical issues. Amanollah Sahak is a new addition to their junior team but he made historic steps day by day in the previous Junior World Boxing Championships where he became a medallist.

Afghanistan was proud of its female team which their management formed still in 2008 but the girls had several issues in the country since 2021. Afghanistan’s best female boxer, Sadia Bromand moved to Germany and she trains in Berlin but she represents her homeland in the international competitions.

Sadia Bromand competed in the 2023 edition of the Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi and after her intense training sessions, she will return at the light flyweight (50kg) in the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event. Mohamad Mehdi Samak (57kg), Shehzad Ahmed Azam (63.5kg), Sulaiman Aslami (71kg) and Abdul Qadir Ghafar (80kg) will be their male boxers in the forthcoming 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event. Among them Aslami is the most experienced boxer who could deliver surprised against top rivals as well.

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