Abdurasulov, Rakhmonov and Merzhanov are among the young winners at the Tashkent Region Mayor’s Cup

The Tashkent Region Mayor’s Cup was held in the city of Chyrchyk which is famous of its strong boxing schools and the popularity of our sport. Asian Games silver medallist Shunkor Abdurasulov, AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Jakhongir Rakhmonov and former AIBA Junior World Champion Timur Merzhanov were among the winners in Chyrchyk.

Uzbekistan’s next national event saw impressive young stars in Chyrchyk where most of the winners were U22 boxers. Altogether 128 elite boxers competed for the medals and prizes at the Tashkent Region Mayor’s Cup in Chyrchyk. Uzbekistan topped the medal standings of the men’s part of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and their younger boxers proved the country’s future in Chyrchyk.

Eight boxers competed at the light flyweight (49kg) and two talents from Ferghana advanced to the finals of the competition. Abdumajid Mannopov controlled his final against Shodiyor Melikuziev which was a repeat match between them after the title contest of the 2020 Zolotarev Memorial Tournament. Mannopov used better tactic against his rival and won the first gold medal of the Tashkent Region Mayor’s Cup.

AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Ibrokhim Ishjonov is an 18-year-old talent who tried to use his distance against Kashkadarya’s Sanjar Vakhobov but his opponent found the best tactic and earned the title of the flyweight (52kg). Dilshod Abdumurodov also competed at the Kielce 2021 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships and defeated all of his rivals including Dilshod Abduvaliyev in the final.

Shunkor Abdurasulov was member of the Uzbek national team at the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games where he claimed silver medal short after his 20th birthday. The experienced boxer is trying to regain his place in the top national team and he was too smart for all of his four opponents in Chyrchyk. Abdurasulov proved strong performance in the final of the lightweight (60kg) against 18-year-old Aydos Tagaybayev.

Another teenage talent, Ruslan Abdullaev competed already at the 2017 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and won his next title after beating Ozod Tukhtayev of Tashkent region at the light welterweight (63kg). AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Jakhongir Rakhmonov eliminated Jakhongir Yuldashev already in the quarter-final and continued his winning path against 21-year-old Halimbek Utegenov in one of the top finals of the event.

Andizhan’s Khavasbek Asadullayev caused a surprise in the semi-finals of the middleweight (75kg) when he bowed out 21-year-old Navo Tamazov. He had another tough contest in the final but he managed to win that against Tashkent’s Zakirkhodja Madiev. Former AIBA Junior World Champion Timur Merzhanov returned to the national events and defeated a tough rival, ASBC Asian Youth Champion Shokhjakhon Abdullaev in the final of the light heavyweight (81kg).

Ferghana’s Jamshidbek Abdullaev and Bukhara’s Amirshokh Samadov were the favorites of the heavyweight (91kg) but the title of the division was won by Jurabek Toshtemirov. Jamshid Hudayberdiyev was defeated by Shakhzod Suleymanov in the quarter-finals which was a main sensation at the super heavyweight (+91kg). Tashkent’s Suleymanov advanced to the final but Abdulla Khudorganov was able to beat him in the last bout of the event.

List of the winners in the Tashkent Region Mayor’s Cup
49kg: Abdumajid Mannopov
52kg: Sanjar Vakhobov
57kg: Dilshod Abdumurodov
60kg: Shunkor Abdurasulov
63kg: Ruslan Abdullaev
69kg: Jakhongir Rakhmonov
75kg: Khavasbek Asadullayev
81kg: Timur Merzhanov
91kg: Jurabek Toshtemirov
+91kg: Abdulla Khudorganov

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