World Military Games – Finals

Six Asian gold medals in the World Military Games
The boxing tournament of the World Military Games has finished in Yeongju, Korea where Asia claimed 23 medals and among our 11 finalists six secured the gold medal in the big competition where 174 boxers fought for the titles.
Light Flyweight class (49 kg):
Korea’s new boxer in the lowest weight class Park Jung Woong defeated Russia’s Valentin Chebochakov, Syria’s four-time National Champion Hussin Al-Masri and Kazakhstan’s National Championships silver medallist Erzhan Zhomart in the road to the finals of the World Military Games. The 25-year-old Korean boxer met for the gold with Brazil’s two-time Olympian Paulo Carvalho and he was able to defeat his veteran rival in a hectic bout.
Flyweight class (52 kg):
Korea’s Yeon Seong Mo was absolutely newcomer in the international level before the World Military Games but his efforts were enough to beat all of his rivals in the road to the finals. The young Korean hope eliminated China’s Fang Bo in the semi-finals and fought for the gold medal with Russia’s Armenian-descent Karen Arutyunyan who claimed medals in several previous international tournaments. The Russian boxer knocked down the host nation’s hope and the referee ended their one-sided battle in the second round.
Bantamweight class (56 kg):
Korea’s Kim Ju Sung moved up one weight class before the start of the event and defeated Asian opponents only in the World Military Games. Following his success over China’s National Champion Wang Long he could beat India’s promising boxer Mohammed Hussamuddin. Kim was the favourite in the gold medal bout against Algeria’s WSB boxer Fahem Hammachi and in spite of his difficulties in the final round he was able to get Korea’s second gold medal in the World Military Games.
Lightweight class (60 kg):
India’s Dheeraj defeated Germany’s Robert Harutiunjan in the quarter-final and Kazakhstan’s Zhaksylyk Ilyasov in the semi-final of the category. The newcomer Indian soldier fought for the title against Algeria’s Yahia Abdeli which final was a surprise as both boxer came from the dark. The battle of the promising young hopes the Algerian athlete could beat his Indian rival who reached his career highlight.
Light Welterweight class (64 kg):
Kazakhstan’s experienced Yeldos Sarkulov, following his three previous triumphs in the event, met for the gold with Korea’s former Asian Games competitor Shim Hyun Young who defeated Brazil’s Sportaccord World Combat Games winner Joedison Teixeira in the quarter-finals and China’s National Champion Liu Xiaoshuai in the semi-finals. Sarkulov reached his career highlight as he could defeat the strong Korea boxer in the final.
Welterweight class (69 kg):
Kazakhstan’s National Champion and WSB Team Champion Aslanbek Shymbergenov was too strong for Korea’s Lee Dong Jin in the semi-final. The 22-year-old Shymbergenov did his very best once again in the final against Russia’s Albert Karibyan who defeated China’s top athlete Hu Richabilige in the last four. Shymbergenov proved the Welterweight class (69 kg) is Kazakhstan’s own territory as he dominated all of the three rounds against the Armenian-descent Russian boxer.
Middleweight class (75 kg):
China’s Asian Games bronze medallist Zhou Di proved incredible performance during the whole Military Games where he was too strong for Brazil’s three-time Olympian Myke Carvalho, Italy’s Giovanni Sarchioto in the previous part of the event. The 27-year-old Chinese boxer had a difficult opponent in the gold medal bout Russia’s Radzhab Radzhabov who knocked out his Algerian rival in the semi-final. Zhou Di had a brave attempt to beat the powerful Russian but finally he could satisfy with a silver medal.
Light Heavyweight class (81 kg):
Korea’s former National Sports Festival winner Yang Hee Guen defeated Morocco’s Karim Ben Mansour in the semi-finals and had to meet with Russia’s Gamzat Gazaliyev who has been fighting in the international level since 2006. Yang Hee Guen proved top performance also in the final and as he never expected during his previous career he could beat a top Russian boxer in the final.
Super Heavyweight class (+91 kg):
China’s Mou Haipeng proved top performance as he defeated Tunisia’s African Champion Aymen Trabelsi in the quarter-final and shocked also India’s Narender in the last four. His final opponent was Kazakhstan’s Strandja Memorial Tournament winner Kamshybek Konkabayev who overwhelmed Russia’s Artem Suslenkov in the second semi-final. The Central Asian boxer is No.2 after star Ivan Dychko in his home country but this time he was not enough fresh to beat Mou in the gold medal bout.