Wasim Abusal will make an Olympic debut for Palestine in Paris

The Paris Boxing unit confirmed all of the universality places for the upcoming Olympic Games where Palestine will be able to make their debuts. Wasim Abusal from Palestine received one of the wild cards for the Paris Olympics and he will compete at the men’s featherweight (57kg) in the Games.

Palestine never competed in any of the previous Olympic Games before Paris but Wasim Abusal can make history for them in Paris.

Wasim Abusal was born in Ramallah on June 14 in 2004 and he began boxing at the age of 12 in the Elbarrio Boxing Club with coach Mr. Nader Jayousi. He trains 14 hours in a week and likes the football, the gymnastics, the Palestinian and the Egyptian music.

Abusal was only 14-year-old when he competed for Palestine in the international stage, his coach took him to Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark to fight against strong opponents. Abusal represented Palestine in the 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah, UAE which was his first main event during his career.

Abusal competed in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships, Asian Games, Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships and all of the three qualification events for Paris. He bagged a bronze medal at the 2023 Arab Sports Games and he has successes against some top boxers despite his young age of 20.

Palestine’s best boxer in the 2000s Mounir Abukeshek, Hamed Shahid and Osama Alzig competed in the qualification events before the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Their boxers did not succeed in the qualification events 20 years ago but the country joined to the international boxing map.

Palestine claimed one bronze medal in the history of the boxing events of the Asian Games which is one of their highlights. Mounir Abukeshek has done his debut in the Bangkok 1998 Asian Games but four years later he achieved bronze in Busan, South Korea. He lost to South Korea’s Choi Ki Soo in the semi-finals of the light heavyweight (81kg) but his success in 2002 became his career highlight.

Thirteen events, 248 boxers, 124 female and 124 male athletes from 69 nations will compete in the boxing event of the Paris Olympics. The Asian boxers earned finally 72 quotas with Wasim Abusal’s universality place during the three qualification events and 16 countries from our continent will represent the Olympic Games in our sport.

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