Uzbekistan Women’s National Championships

Uzbekistan Women Team

Wulanchabu’s heroes earned gold medals in the Uzbekistan Women’s National Championships
The Uzbekistan Boxing Federation has got excellent year in 2015 and organized a lot of national events short after the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. Their next one the Uzbekistan Women’s Elite & Youth National Championships was held in Tashkent.
Only a few boxers competed in the 2013 edition but following that a great improvement has done in Uzbekistan’s women’s boxing life. The 2014 edition delivered great battles while the real breakthrough in women boxing is the current year for Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan sent full team ten female boxers to the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships to Wulanchabu, China where their new and young squad claimed record number of two silver and two bronze medals.
The Uzbek ladies took part also in Bulgaria, Russia and in Kazakhstan to raise their experiences in the international level. The Uzbek women boxers will be ready to do great world class results in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic era. Tashkent hosted their new edition of the Uzbek Women’s National Championships where 112 female boxers took part in the national event which is record in the history of the competition.
Dzhizak and Tashkent city and Tashkent region dominated the competition which was held for elite and youth women boxers as well. Boxers who were born in 1998 and in 1999 were able to box in the youth age group while athletes who were born in 1997 could join to the elite level in the national competition. All of the regions of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan sent boxers to the Uzbek Women’s National Championships.
Youth National Champion 18-year-old Tursunoy Rakhimova moved down to the Light Flyweight class (48 kg) and met with defending National Champion Gulasal Atakulova in the gold medal bout. Both boxers have been training in Tashkent and this time the younger Rakhimova claimed the gold medal in the lowest weight class where twelve ladies took part.
National Champion Mubarak Kamalova is one of their veteran boxer who has been fighting in the international level since 2011 but this time she could not get any medal in the National Championships due her illness. In her Flyweight class (51 kg) Yodgor Mirzoyeva was able to beat for the gold Gulbakhor Zhurayeva of Bukhara. The super talented Mirzoyeva is only 19 and moved down weight classes to fight in an Olympic weight category.
Aziza Yokubova of Dzhizak defeated Dilnozakhon Odilzhonova of Andizhan in the final of the Bantamweight class (54 kg) which was her first title in her career. Tashkent’s Raykhona Kodirova was too strong for Youth National Champion 18-year-old Gulnoza Rakhmatova in the final of the Featherweight class (57 kg).
Uzbekistan’s another top talent Maftunakhon Meliyeva is only 18 but she has got international experiences since 2012. Dzhizak’s teenager advanced to the final of the Olympic Lightweight class (60 kg) but she could not get the title in a narrow bout as ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships competitor Makhfuzakhon Ergasheva was a bit better.
Khatuna Dzhumabayeva defended her throne at the Light Welterweight class (64 kg) where she defeated Ismoil Hamzaaliyev Women’s Memorial Tournament winner Emine Shmykova once again on their re-match. Shakhnoza Nizamova claimed silver medal in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Wulanchabu therefore her quick triumph over Dilshoda Bozorboyeva was not a surprise.
Nafisa Askarova defeated Asiya Sugurbayeva in the last edition of the Uzbek Women’s National Championships and she did the same in the final of the Olympic Middleweight class (75 kg). Dzhizak’s Ezozakhon Meliyeva claimed the gold medal at the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) in Tashkent.
Dzhizak’s 19-year-old talented Guzal Ismatova delivered one of the biggest sensation of the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Wulanchabu where she knocked out Kazakhstan’s favourite Lazzat Kungeybayeva. She defeated Madina Ergasheva of Tashkent region in the final of the Uzbek Women’s National Championships and defended her throne.
Azizabonu Mamirova delivered the best performance in the youth level where she defeated Gulim Urazimbetova in the final of the Featherweight class (57 kg). Nargiza Mukhtorova was silver medallist in the last edition but this time she could win the gold at the Youth Light Flyweight class (48 kg) where she was too quick for Feruza Bozorova of Tashkent region.
Sitora Alimzhanova of Samarkand was too smart for Sayokhatkhon Saidrakhimova who was more experienced than her rival in the final of the Youth Light Welterweight class (64 kg). Feruza Orifova was also silver medallist in the recent edition but improved it to gold in the new edition in Tashkent where she stopped Shakhzoda Mukhiddinova.
The winners of the elite age group are near to compete in the 2016 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Winners in the Uzbekistan Women’s National Championships
Youth 48 kg: Nargiza Mukhtorova
Youth 51 kg: Dilnozakhon Nematullayeva
Youth 54 kg: Sadokatkhon Abdubanobova
Youth 57 kg: Azizabonu Mamirova
Youth 60 kg: Zhumagul Abdumananova
Youth 64 kg: Sitora Alimzhanova
Youth 75 kg: Feruza Orifova
Youth +81 kg: Gulchiroy Abdukakharova
Elite 48 kg: Tursunoy Rakhimova
Elite 51 kg: Yodgor Mirzoyeva
Elite 54 kg: Aziza Yokubova
Elite 57 kg: Raykhona Kodirova
Elite 60 kg: Makhfuzakhon Ergasheva
Elite 64 kg: Khatuna Dzhumabayeva
Elite 69 kg: Shakhnoza Nizamova
Elite 75 kg: Nafisa Askarova
Elite 81 kg: Ezozakhon Meliyeva
Elite +81 kg: Guzal Ismatova