Twelve talents earned their titles at the UAE Sheikh Mohammad Bin Hamad Alsharqi Ramadan Open Boxing Championships in Fujairah

The new edition of the Ramadan Open Boxing Championships saw 12 new schoolboys and junior champions in the city of Fujairah. The full name of the competition was the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Hamad Alsharqi Ramadan Open Boxing Championships in Fujairah.

The tournament was named after HHE Sheikh Mohammad Bin Hamad Alsharqi, the crown Prince of Fujairah who attended in the competition and followed the bouts. The former President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Anas Alotaiba also watched the Ramadan Open Boxing Championships in Fujairah.

The Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is expected to begin with the first day of fasting in Mecca on March 23. Lasting for 30 days, the Ramadan will end on April 21 this year.

Four schoolboys have been crowned in the championships, firstly the Bulgarian-descent Pavlo Pavlov who triumphed over a local boxer, Ali Al-Mismari at the 48kg weight class. Bahrain also sent a team to the Ramadan Open and their Abdelaziz Sabt won the schoolboys 60kg weight category after beating Adam Nabeel in the final.

The junior boxers competed in eight weight classes in Fujairah where two of the local boxers succeeded in the front of their families. Bader Saeed (54kg) and Ahmed Al-Murshidi (60kg) delighted the home crowd and kept the gold medals in Fujairah. Al-Ain’s duo as Mohamed Mabkhout (48kg) and Fahad Timour (50kg) both impressed in the day of the finals while Jamal Bazzari defeated a boxer from Bahrain, Jud Noufal.

The list of the winners at the UAE Ramadan Boxing Championships

 Schoolboys 48kg: Pavlo Pavlov, United Arab Emirates

 Schoolboys 60kg: Abdelaziz Sabt, Bahrain

 Schoolboys 63kg: Ali Hussain, United Arab Emirates

 Schoolboys 70kg: Zayed Al-Shibli, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 48kg: Mohamed Mabkhout, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 50kg: Fahad Timour, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 54kg: Bader Saeed, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 57kg: Neel Depala, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 60kg: Ahmed Al-Murshidi, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 63kg: Jamal Bazzari, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 70kg: Ahmed Abdelaziz, United Arab Emirates

 Junior 75kg: Arad Masoud, United Arab Emirates

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