Turkmenistan Youth National Championships

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Heroes of Pavlodar shined in the Turkmenistan Youth National Championships

Turkmenistan Boxing Federation hosted its Youth National Championships where more than 150 athletes competed for the medals in Ashgabat. Turkmenistan claimed one silver and one bronze medal in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan which was a great performance from their boxers and the beginning of a new era in their boxing’s life.
AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships competitor Muhammetmyrat Muhammedov is only 158cm tall but his skills were enough to beat all of his rivals in the championships where he claimed the first gold medal after defeating former Junior National Champion Batyr Bayramov in the final. Aymyrat Hojanepesov had a great local rival at the Flyweight class (52 kg) but finally he could beat Shokhrat Esenov in a hectic final.
Turkmenistan’s youth national team member Begench Alymov had to meet with his main local rival Zakir Rejepov in the gold medal bout of the Bantamweight class (56 kg) but his skills were enough to beat him. Alymov competed also in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar and he has got realistic chance to box also in the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg in November.
Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup winner Muhammet Berdibayev had more than 100 contests during his career in spite of the fact he is only 18. The young Turkmen talent received great support from their former national boxer Mr. Ishanguly Meretniyazov in the recent years. Berdibayev was silver medallist at the 2013 ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships in Shymkent and claimed bronze in the 2016 ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar. He eliminated his main rival Polatsha Mammetshayev in the semi-final and he did not give any chance to Anvarjan Babamuradov in the gold medal contest of the Lightweight class (60 kg).
Serdar Amangeldiyev was too strong for former Junior National Champion 18-year-old Ruslan Martirosyan in the final of the Light Welterweight class (64 kg) where he used up his height to keep the distance successfully. A new rising hope Taganmyrat Gurbanov had difficult contests in the Youth National Championships but he eliminated experienced Dayanch Shiriyev in the semi-finals and had to meet with Junior National Champion Kuvvat Ilkhanov in the final which he solved with his strength.
Turkmenistan’s another top youth boxer Nuryagdy Nuryagdyyev advanced to the final of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar where he was near to beat his Kazakh opponent. The 18-year-old Middleweight class (75 kg) boxer claimed silver medal but at home he was too strong for Suleyman Muhammedgurbanov in the final of the national event.
Mustapa Charyyev is also an experienced national team member who proved his skills in several international competitions therefore his gold in Ashgabat was not a surprise where he defeated Shirli Atayev. Former Schoolboys National Champion Serdar Ereshov of Lebap defeated Inoyat Yakubov in the final of the Heavyweight class (91 kg). Baky Toychiyev won the gold medal at the Turkmenistan Elite National Championships as a youth boxer and the 18-year-old talent bagged another top result winning the title in his age group after stopping Dayanch Azimov in the final.

List of the winners in Turkmenistan Youth National Championships

49 kg: Muhammetmyrat Muhammedov, 1999
52 kg: Aymyrat Hojanepesov, 1999
56 kg: Begench Alymov, 1998
60 kg: Muhammet Berdibayev, 1998
64 kg: Serdar Amangeldiyev, 1998
69 kg: Taganmyrat Gurbanov, 1998
75 kg: Nuryagdy Nuryagdyyev, 1998
81 kg: Mustapa Charyyev, 1998
91 kg: Serdar Ereshov, 1999
+91 kg: Baky Toychiyev, 1998