Top future hope Khamphouvanh Khamsathone dominated the Laos National Championships

The new 2019 edition of the Laos National Boxing Championships was held for the elite women and men boxers in Vientiane which was a selection event also for the upcoming Southeast Asian Games. Laos’ best man athlete Khamphouvanh Khamsathone won the title in the National Championships after beating his rivals large margin of differences.
The elite men boxers could attend in six weight classes in the Laos National Boxing Championships in Vientiane. Women elite athletes fought in four weight categories at the light flyweight (48kg), flyweight (51kg), bantamweight (54kg) and lightweight (60kg). Altogether 90 elite boxers including 30 women athletes competed in the national event from 16 different boxing clubs of all regions of Laos.
Laos competed in the ASBC Asian Confederation Elite Boxing Championships in Bangkok, in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships, in the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur and in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Ho Chi Minh City in the recent two years.
The first gold medal of the Laos National Championships was achieved by Army Club’s Toyla Kongmanijuang who defeated Sheersiher Lipao of Vientiane Boxing Club at the light flyweight (48kg). Another Army Club boxer, Songka Chanthavong has got several international experiences and her technical skills are paid off in the final of the women’s flyweight (51kg).
Vilayphone Tawan attended already in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games therefore she was too experienced to Keomany Sisombath in the final of the women’s bantamweight (54kg). Soy Souvanthong won the title at the featherweight (57kg) in the 2018 edition and she returned with a gold at the lightweight (60kg) achieving her next victory.
Sekong Club’s Liemphet Sorzekong achieved the first male title in the Laos National Championships who was enough strong to beat Loungfa Sounxaisoulinh at the light flyweight (49kg). Viengxay Akkhasith is a young talent in Laos but he has got already several international experiences from the Asian Games and Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament therefore his gold medal at the flyweight (52kg) was not a surprise.
Khamphouvanh Khamsathone is Laos’ best boxer who won two contests in the ASBC Asian Men’s Elite Boxing Championships and also in the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament. The 22-year-old Army boxer moved up to the bantamweight (56kg) but his aggressive style was too much for all of his opponents including Sakhone Ratsavongsy of Saravanh Boxing Club.
Khuanfa Taipanyavong of Sekong Boxing Club won the title of the lightweight (60kg) before Ekkaxay Sammaleuk achieved the gold at the male light welterweight (64kg). Noukhit Ratsaphao won the gold medal at the light welterweight (64kg) in the 2018 edition of the National Championships. Since then the Army boxer moved up to the welterweight (69kg) but his strength was enough to claim his next national title.

List of the winners in the Laos National Championships
Women’s 48kg: Toyla Kongmanijuang
Women’s 51kg: Songka Chanthavong
Women’s 54kg: Vilayphone Tawan
Women’s 60kg: Soy Souvanthong
Men’s 49kg: Liemphet Sorzekong
Men’s 52kg: Viengxay Akkhasith
Men’s 56kg: Khamphouvanh Khamsathone
Men’s 60kg: Khuanfa Taipanyavong
Men’s 64kg: Ekkaxay Sammaleuk
Men’s 69kg: Noukhit Ratsaphao

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