Tokyo Olympian Hu Jianguan defended his title at the Chinese Men’s Elite National Championships

The Chinese elite male boxers have been preparing with full speed to the 2021 international competitions in their homeland. The Chinese Men’s Elite National Championships was their highlight which took place in Luoyang at the Henan Province. China’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games bronze medallist Hu Jianguan used the event as preparation to the Tokyo Olympics and won the flyweight (52kg) in Luoyang.

Boxers who were born between 1980 and 2001 were eligible to attend in the Chinese Men’s Elite National Championships in Luoyang. Ten champions have been crowned in the national event from the light flyweight (49kg) up to the super heavyweight (+91kg). The light flyweight (49kg) and the lightweight (60kg) are non-Olympic categories but the Chinese Boxing Federation decided to arrange those in the national event.

Altogether 289 boxers attended for the ten gold medals in the Chinese Men’s Elite National Championships in Luoyang. The Chinese male boxers earned three quota places at the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Amman and all of those qualified athletes competed in the national event.

Fujian’s Lin Hongfei became the first champion in the national event who defeated Guangdong’s Li Feng in the final of the light flyweight (49kg). China’s best male boxer Rio 2016 Olympic Games bronze medallist Hu Jianguan of Shanghai has qualified already for the Tokyo Olympics in Amman and impressed in the National Championships. The 27-year-old boxer had an experienced opponent but he was better than Zhang Guo in the final of the flyweight (52kg).

Wang Long represented China several times in the recent international competitions but he decided to move down to the featherweight (57kg). His decision paid off in the national event where he defeated Shandong’s Wu Yufeng in the final. Several younger talents used the lightweight (60kg) as breakthrough in the national event and finally Shanxi’s Pu Shaoyao has been crowned following his success over Zhao Congying.

Rio 2016 Olympian Shan Jun is China’s national team member since 2014 who proved his very best in the National Championships and became too strong for Xinjiang’s Yeldawulieti Maiyilanbeke in the next final. Wang Gang has got four years of experiences in the national team and moved up to the welterweight (69kg) in the previous month but he was able to beat all of his rivals including veteran Wang Jianzheng in the final. 

Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan developed well in all aspects of boxing especially in strength which delivered for him a quota for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The 24-year-old boxer controlled his final over Henan’s Zhao Mengyang and defended his national throne. Jiangsu’s Chen Daxiang earned an unexpected quota place for the Tokyo Olympics in Amman and he had also another tough challenge in the National Championships but he succeeded against Shandong’s Wang Jingxiang at the light heavyweight (81kg).

Yu Fengkai represented China in several international events but after a few bad competitions he was able to return to the top of the heavyweight (91kg) beating Han Xuezhen and Liu Taimiao. Shanxi’s Maimaiti Ahemaiti was quarter-finalist in the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event and defeated his main national rival once again, Xinjiang’s Bayikewuzi Danabieke at the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the winners in the Chinese Men’s Elite Championships

49kg: Lin Hongfei
52kg: Hu Jianguan
57kg: Wang Long
60kg: Pu Shaoyao
63kg: Shan Jun
69kg: Wang Gang
75kg: Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan
81kg: Chen Daxiang
91kg: Yu Fengkai
+91kg: Maimaiti Ahemaiti

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