Tojiyev, Petrov, Sobirov and Zokirov are world class boxers confirmed in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships

The new edition of the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships was held in the city of Urgench which is located in the Western part of the country in the Khorezm region. Uzbekistan’s biggest junior hopes such as Azizbek Tojiyev, Login Petrov, Sarvarbek Sobirov and Jakhongir Zokirov won their weight classes with tough performance.
Boxers who were born in 2003 or in 2004 were able to attend in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships in Urgench. Altogether fifteen weight classes were held in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships including the additional 42kg and 44kg categories up to the heavyweight (+80kg).
Following their Junior International Tournament and Junior National Selection Tournament another important event was held for this age group in Uzbekistan. The upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships will be held in the United Arab Emirates in October and the event in Urgench was also selection for that continental tournament.
Khasan Orazaliyev is Dzhizak’s new hope who won the first gold medal in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships at the 42kg following his success over Andizhan’s Abduvali Buriboyev. The second additional category the 44kg saw the battle of 17 Uzbek juniors and the gold medal was achieved by a local boy Khorezm’s Ibrokhim Isjonov.
Junior National Cup winner Bekzod Kholdorov was the main favourite for the title at the pinweight (46kg) in Urgench but he was defeated by Sardor Raimov in the quarter-finals which became a surprise in the event. The gold medal was taken finally by Andizhan’s Ruzibay Mirzojonov who defeated Lochinbek Ikhvolov in the final. Chyrchyk’s Aydos Tagaybayev was also favourite at the light flyweight (48kg) but finally he claimed only bronze and the gold went to Namangan’s Kobiljon Abdurakhimov.
Anvar Baltabayev was another local boxer who could get the gold medal in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships following his success over Javokhir Toshmatov at the flyweight (50kg). Davron Rakhmonov achieved the next title in the national event where he walked over to the gold medal following his teammate Gofurjon Tokhirov was unable to box against him in the final of the light bantamweight (52kg).
Yuldoshali Tashpulatov won several competitions in the recent one year and he advanced to the final of the bantamweight (54kg) but due his injuries he could not box for the gold this time which was captured by Dinamo’s Fozilbek Abdukhamidov. Murodjon Kudratov arrived from the city of Dzhizak to the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships and defeated his main rivals as Bilolbek Ikhvolov and Kutlimurod Bekbergenov.
Karakalpakstan is Uzbekistan’s special region but their boxers are also strong enough to get titles in the national events and their new hero is Temirkhan Maksetbayev who defeated Dinamo’s Bekzod Bekmuradov in the final of the lightweight (60kg). Kashkadarya’s Junior National Cup winner Azizbek Tojiyev was slightly better than Ferghana’s Kamronbek Turgunboyev in the next final before Andizhan’s Abdulaziz Rasulov dominated the welterweight (66kg).
Navoy’s Login Petrov is a super talented boxer in Uzbekistan who dominated all of his five recent tournaments and stopped most of his opponents in Urgench as well. The 16-year-old Petrov controlled his final against Junior National Cup winner Azizbek Samadov and celebrated his next success. Another impressive talent Tashkent region’s Sarvarbek Sobirov also dominated his category the middleweight (75kg) and defeated Sardor Rakhmonberdiyev in the final.
Tashkent’s Abdullajon Almamatov was not the main favourite for the gold medal at the light heavyweight (80kg) but he defeated all of his three opponents including Ferghana’s Shakhzod Rakhmonov. Dzhizak’s best junior boxer Jakhongir Zokirov is also a same strong athlete as Login Petrov and dominated his next national event at the heavyweight (+80kg). The 16-year-old Zokirov was better in all aspects of the boxing than Saidakbar Sobirjonov.

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships
42kg: Khasan Orazaliyev
44kg: Ibrokhim Isjonov
46kg: Ruzibay Mirzojonov
48kg: Kobiljon Abdurakhimov
50kg: Anvar Baltabayev
52kg: Davron Rakhmonov
54kg: Fozilbek Abdukhamidov
57kg: Murodjon Kudratov
60kg: Temirkhan Maksetbayev
63kg: Azizbek Tojiyev
66kg: Abdulaziz Rasulov
70kg: Login Petrov
75kg: Sarvarbek Sobirov
80kg: Abdullajon Almamatov
+80kg: Jakhongir Zokirov

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