The team delegations’ handbook for the upcoming 1st Khorramabad Cup issued

The Iranian Boxing Federation issued the team delegations handbook and the invitation for the upcoming 1st edition of the Khorramabad Box Cup which is their new international event for the elite male boxers and all of the National Federations can attend in Tehran.

The Iranians was planning to host an international competition in February but the event cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19. Their new money prize competition, the Khorramabad Cup will be starting in Tehran in the 15th of September and the final day of the international event is the 22nd.

The President of the Iranian Boxing Federation Mr. Hossein Souri followed all of the contests at the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships where their boxers reached two silver and two bronze medals. Their two final places were their best performance in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships since the 2007 Ulaanbaatar edition.

Their new international event on the boxing map is the Khorramabad Cup and its first edition is scheduled in September 15-22 before the AIBA World Boxing Championships. The Iranians are opened the new international tournament for all of the National Federations in order to prepare for the major championships. The Iranian Boxing Federation is planning to host this new international event surely in the upcoming five years.

The event will be a money prize competition for all of the medallists during the Khorramabad Cup. All of the gold, silver and bronze medallists will get cash prizes in US dollars at the Khorramabad Cup. Each of the gold medallists will earn 2,000 USD, the silver medallists 1,000 USD and the money prize for the bronze is 500 USD.

The date of the arrival to the Khorramabad Cup is 15th of September while the departure is the 22nd of September which means the competition period is September 16-21. The following 10 male weight categories are on the schedule of the 1st Khorramabad Cup: 49kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg, 91kg and +91kg.

Schedule of the event

September 15 – Arrival of the delegations

September 16 – Official Draw & Technical Meeting

September 16 – Day1 competition

September 17 – Day2 competition

September 18 – Day3 competition

September 19 – Day4 competition with the semi-finals

September 20 – Rest Day

September 21 – Day5 competition with the finals

September 22 – Departure of the delegations

Money prizes at the Khorramabad Cup

Gold – 2,000 USD each

Silver – 1,000 USD each

Bronze – 500 USD each

Contact details of the LOC

Boxing Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran

Mobile: +98 936 455 6192 Email:

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