The Saudi Arabians received record number of applications to their coaching project

The Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation received record number of 70 applications from all over the world to their new project. The Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation will hire five experienced coaches who would be able to lead the technical parts of their boxing regions and develop their regional programs.

The deadline for the applications was March 30 and the Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation received these impressive numbers of CVs following the support of the Asian Boxing Confederation’s communication team.

The President of the Federation Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation Mr. Abdullah Alharbi, Mrs. Rasha Al-Khamis, one of the Board of Directors in the Asian Boxing Confederation and the former head coach of the Australian team, Mr. Kevin Smith, their Technical Director are the responsible for this development project in the Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation.

The key responsibilities of the coaches and candidates were the coaching, planning, reporting, communication, general administration and building strategies in High Performance level. The duration of the contract will be 1 year with the possibility of extension and the candidates have to work flexible in Saudi Arabia based on the schedule of the events and other projects.

Boxing is one of the most progressed sports in Saudi Arabia and the new five regional coaches could increase the popularity of boxing and the quality of the boxers. The official advertisement of the project is available for all of the National Federations worldwide.

Saudi Arabia sent boxers to the Asian Games where their talents proved progress in comparison to their previous international appearances. The Saudi Arabians were able to win some key contests in Hangzhou, China and their boxers are aiming for an Olympic spot in the upcoming Bangkok event.

The Saudi Arabians launched their women’s boxing only in the recent years and they host National Championships for their female elite, youth and junior talents as well. The Saudi Arabians will be there also at the upcoming ASBC Asian U22 & Youth Boxing Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan from April 25.

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