The President of ASBC and the whole Asian Boxing Family wishes Happy Birthday to Mr. Bassam Ghanem

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Anas Alotaiba, the whole Asian Boxing Family and the management of ASBC wishes Happy Birthday to Mr. Bassam Ghanem who was appointed as Administrative Director of the Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) on December 2018 and works for the continent’s developments with enthusiasm.

Mr. Bassam Ghanem was born in the historical Mansoura City in Egypt on February 15 in 1986 and celebrates his 34th birthday today. He studied at the Delta Academy for Science, and following this important milestone, he was started to work in multiple international companies in 2007 at the age of 21.

Following his multinational experiences in Egypt, Mr. Bassam Ghanem changed his country and went to work to the United Arab Emirates. He was appointed to the staff of the United Arab Emirates Boxing Federation and GCC Boxing Organizational Committee in 2012 as Public Relation Manager and Assistant Executive Secretary.

He joined to the Asian Boxing Confederation following the last AIBA Elections which was held in Moscow on November 2018 which means Mr. Bassam Ghanem has got eight years of experiences in the boxing events and environments.

The Asian Boxing Confederation’s Administrative Director Mr. Bassam Ghanem attended in the first edition of the Makran Box Cup which was held in the city of Chabahar in Iran on February 2019. The young official represented the President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and AIBA Vice-President Mr. Anas Alotaiba which was one of his first important task in his new position.  

ASBC official Mr. Bassam Ghanem had negotiations on behalf of President Mr. Anas Alotaiba with the President of the Iranian Boxing Federation Mr. Hossein Souri during the Makran Box Cup in Chabahar about the future programs and strategic plans. He attended in all of the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in 2019 and supported the success and developments of boxing in the recent 14 months.

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