The next Macau Boxing Open Championships will be held this August with the participation of the neighbouring nations

The 2020 edition of the Macau Open Boxing Championships will be held on August this year according to the plans of the Macau Boxing Association. The Covid-19 Coronavirus affects all of the Asian countries but in Macau the country fought successfully against the virus and their Boxing Association to be continued their activities.

The Macau Boxing Association installed a new boxing ring to their venue and ordered new 10-points scoring systems to cover the Macau Open Boxing Championships. Besides to Macau’s best female and male boxers, neighbouring Hong Kong and China both were invited to the Macau Open Boxing Championships. Mr. Billy Vong is Macau’s well-known official who is responsible for all of the necessary arrangements and organizations of the event.

Macau Boxing Association will be organizing also summer courses for youth and children in order to promote boxing in the younger generations during their Summer holidays. The organization of the boxing courses will be supported by the Macau Sport Bureau together with the Macau Boxing Association.

The 2019 edition of the event delivered fantastic bouts and among the titleholders of the Macau Open Boxing Tournament only the best local hope Leung Kin Fong was able to manage to defend his throne in the event. The women boxers returned to the 2018 edition of the Macau Open Boxing Tournament and two weight classes were also in the official program of the new event.

Macau hosted the event in the recent years with great success and their social media communication impressed many stakeholders in the Asian continent. Macau has got strategic plans for the upcoming four years to develop all aspects of the sport including the level of the Referees & Judges, coaches and to increase the number of athletes.

List of the titleholders in the Macau Open Boxing Tournament
Women’s 54kg: Stephanie Eveline, Macau-China
Women’s 60kg: Wong Ya Man, Macau-China
Men’s 57kg: Alvin John, Macau-China
Men’s 60kg: Huang Zexi, China
Men’s 64kg, Group A: Leung Kin Fong, Macau-China
 Men’s 64kg, Group B: Fong Guangcai, China
Men’s 69kg: Lam Yu, Macau-China

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