The new members of the ASBC Commissions are appointed and revealed

The new members to our seven ASBC Commissions have been appointed and these officials have been revealed officially. The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and AIBA Vice-President Mr. Anas Alotaiba, the Executive Director of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Ali Salameh and the ASBC management informed all Asian National Federations regarding the newly appointed members of the ASBC Commissions.
The nomination forms sent by email to the ASBC Headquarter in the recent weeks and the management of the Asian Boxing Confederation managed these applications. These recommendations are checked and reviewed, therefor the most qualified persons have been selected to work in the Commissions with the support of the seven previously appointed Chairpersons.
Based on the Asian Boxing Confederation’s Constitution Article 38.3/F, ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba and the whole management is ready to work with the newly appointed members to develop Asia’s boxing in all regions of the continent and discuss the all future programs through the Commission meetings.
The new generations of the officials have been added to the ASBC Commissions to lead Asian’s boxing life into a new direction. The ASBC Commission members will be represented all regions of the Asian continent and the approved applicants are from 24 different countries.
The new Chairmen of the ASBC Commissions are approved and revealed by the management of the Asian Boxing Confederation in the month of July. The Chairmen of the seven ASBC Commissions are representing all regions of our continent who will be responsible for their topics to develop our sport in Asia.
Next to the traditional six Commissions the management of the Asian Boxing Confederation established the new ASBC Marketing Commission. The ASBC Coaches Commission, the ASBC Competition Commission, the ASBC Refereeing and Judging Commission, the ASBC Women’s Commission, the ASBC Medical Commission and the ASBC Youth Commission are the previous and traditional five governing bodies.

The Chairmen and Chairwoman of the seven ASBC Commissions are the followings:
ASBC Coaches Commission – Mr. Zhang Chuanliang of China
ASBC Competition Commission – Mr. Kishen Narsi of India
ASBC Refereeing & Judging Commission – Mr. Mohamed Kamel Shbib of Syria
ASBC Women’s Commission – Ms. Shelly Selowati H. Soejono of Indonesia
ASBC Youth Commission – Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid of Malaysia
ASBC Medical Commission – Mr. Dilshod Kazakov of Uzbekistan
ASBC Marketing Commission – Mr. Abdullah Alantali of the United Arab Emirates

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