The Nepal National Selection Tournament for the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships starts today

Nepal Boxing Association hosts its National Selection Tournament for the upcoming ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which event started today with 12 contests. Nepal is the planning to send bigger delegation to the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which will be held in New Delhi, India on May 21-31.

The women boxers can attend in the selection event in six different weight categories: light flyweight (48kg), flyweight (51kg), bantamweight (54kg), featherweight (57kg), lightweight (60kg) and light welterweight (64kg). Nepal’s best female boxers are stronger each year and they have got now the experiences to achieve something big in the upcoming events.

The men boxers can compete in seven weight classes in the national event: light flyweight (49kg), flyweight (52kg), bantamweight (56kg), lightweight (60kg), light welterweight (64kg), welterweight (69kg), and super heavyweight (+91kg). The winners have got excellent chance to compete in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in India.

Nepal hosted the last edition of the South Asian Games in December 2019 which was a big impact in the country’s boxing life. The Covid-19 pandemic stopped their progress but the Nepal Boxing Association worked well in the recent months to get activities for their best national team members.

Nagarjun Boxing Sports Committee was the host of the Bir Ganeshman Singh Bagmati Province Boxing Championships from March 3 until the 6th in Nagarjun, Kathmandu where high number of their best hopes attended and increased their experiences. Following their return to the national events, the Selection Tournament is the next big step for them.

ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Lalita Maharjan (48kg), South Asian Games silver medallist Mala Rai (51kg), South Asian Games winner Minu Gurung (54kg), Asian Games competitor Sangita Sunar (60kg) and experienced Punam Rawal (64kg) are the biggest names in the female part of the National Selection Tournament.

Sushil Thapa Magar and Tej Bahadur Deuba won several international bouts during their career, the two boxers can fight for the title of the men’s light flyweight (49kg). Veterans such as Prem Chaudhary (52kg) and Puran Rai (56kg) are also attending in the selection event. Nepal’s South Asian Games winner strong Sanil Shahi moved up to the welterweight (69kg) while tall Ashish Duwadi is the favourite for the title at the super heavyweight (+91kg).

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