The Japanese High School Shadowboxing Challenge has been announced and open for their new generations

The Japanese Boxing Federation decided to launch the High School Student Shadowboxing Challenge 2020 project after repeated discussions among their Board members, officials and coaches. The management of the Japanese Boxing Federation will be focusing to their next generation with this new project.

Europe, India, Pakistan, Macau and some other nations launched already their Shadowboxing Challenges and Japan joined to that illustrious lists with their new project. Some other Asian countries are also planning to launch similar activities in the near future to keep their young talents and boxers fit.

The Japanese Shadowboxing Challenge will be scheduled only for their high school boxers to keep the motivations of their younger generation. The participants have to post their short individual videos through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. The participants had to add to the videos their full name, age, category, gym, mobile numbers and achievements.

The videos will be analyzed by specialists and the winners will be announced in the official website of the Japanese Boxing Federation in a later date. The management of the Japanese Boxing Federation invited professional world champion Naoya Inoue, London 2012 Olympic Games bronze medallist Satoshi Shimizu, former professional world champion Takashi Uchiyama and some other top names as the judges of the project.

The shadowboxing challenges had many attentions all over the globe in the recent months and inspired the youngest generations of talents of our sport. Japan’s capital Tokyo will be hosting the next Olympic Games and six of their boxers already qualified to the event which is planning to be started from July 24 in 2021.

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