The Iraqi Elite National Championships starts today with 243 boxers on the board

The Iraqi Elite National Championships is the next highlight in the Asian continent, the event is the most important for their elite male boxers.

The National Championships opens with a long competition day with 52 preliminary contests in the official program. Boxers at the featherweight (57kg), lightweight (60kg), light welterweight (63.5kg), welterweight (67kg), light middleweight (71kg), middleweight (75kg), light heavyweight (80kg) and heavyweight (92kg) are in actions on Day1.

Their capital city, Baghdad is the host of the Iraqi Elite National Championships once again where the facilities are world class. Mr. Ali Takleef, the President of the Iraqi Boxing Federation and the ASBC Board of Director, follows all of the contests in Baghdad.

Record number of 243 boxers from all regions are competing in the Iraqi Elite National Championships this year. Altogether 51 boxing clubs are participating in the Elite National Championships from all regions including Mosul, Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah as well.

The Asian Games bronze medallist Ali Qasim Hamdan Al-Sarray was not able to qualify for the Paris Olympics finally but the 21-year-old boxer is their top talent at the light welterweight (63.5kg).

The Iraqi Elite National Championships is their first selection event before the upcoming ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which will be held in Amman, Jordan after the Paris Olympic Games.

Their women’s boxing life is in developing stage and their Women’s National Boxing Championships will be the next activity in Iraq on July.

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