The historical ASBC Fund & Development Commission Meeting allocated 200,000 US dollars in the first phase of the new program

The ASBC Fund & Development Commission formed in December 2020 and started its job with its first meeting which took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the Hotel Hilton where many of the top officials attended today evening. The ASBC Fund & Development Commission allocated 200,000 US dollars to the first phase of the program.

The Tashkent Boxing Night was an impressive competition and the Commission Meeting continued the Asian activities in the Uzbek capital. The Chairman of the Commission Mr. Saken Polatov of Uzbekistan led the meeting in Tashkent.

The Asian Boxing Confederation realized that it should organize the funding and the requests of the National Federations to support them to achieve their goals and missions. The management of the Asian Boxing Confederation supported the National Federations in 2019 which was a busy year for our continent.

The Asian Boxing Confederation achieved a lot in the year of 2019 with record number of boxers attending in the continental events. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the work and the developments of the Asian Boxing Confederation in 2020 but this year will bring the chance to make the real return to the activities.

ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba opened the discussion with his speech and he underlined the importance of this new kind of commission which is the first in the whole world among the Confederations. The Chairman of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission is Mr. Saken Polatov of Uzbekistan also welcomed the participants in his opening speech as Mr. Anas Alotaiba and followed the agenda of the meeting.

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev presented the meeting and he continued the discussion of the Commission meeting. The 2023 edition of the AIBA Elite World Boxing Championships will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Mr. Umar Kremlev underlined the activities of the Asian continent which is one of the best ones among the Confederations.

Mr. Kremlev is planning to go to the upcoming ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships to India where advertising of the event will be one of the key factor. Mr. Kremlev believes that AIBA has to change to the previous competition model, sell the TV rights which could attract the sponsors. The finals should be held in the evenings to generate money from the media rights and broadcasts. Mr. Kremlev was thankful for Mr. Anas Alotaiba, Mr. Yousif Al-Kazim and Mr. Saken Polatov to their work and invitations.

The Executive Director of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Ali Salameh introduced the successes of the continent. The Chairman of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission Mr. Saken Polatov thinks that we have to divide the continent into strong, medium and developing National Federations and we have to prioritize their real needs. These could be equipments, tools, financial support to participate in championships, and ASBC could assist them with special programs, and international courses.

ASBC Vice-President Mr. Yousuf Ali Al-Kazim of Qatar, Mr. Raj Kumar Sacheti of India, Mr. Ali Takleef of Iraq, Mr. Jahangir Riaz of Pakistan and the whole ASBC staff attended in the historical meeting together with the officials of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation. Unity and transparency are they key values of the Asian Boxing Confederation as in the recent years.

The funding resources are the ASBC revenues, the direct funding and the sponsorship. The Director of the Green Hill company Mr. Jahangir Riaz provided the equipments and shipped the items already in the amount of 150,000 US dollars. The Funds Master Data, Funds Execution Controller, Documents for the process, Management Approver and Proceed with distribution are the five elements of the protocol.

Mr. Ali Salameh believes that to allocate the fund directly to the boxers, cooperate with AIBA and support the educational courses are the best factors to develop the continent’s boxing. Tajikistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal Bhutan and Bangladesh requested funding and support.

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