The 35th Japanese National High School Selection Tournament started with 37 bouts in Tamano City

The 35th Japanese National High School Selection Tournament and the JOC Junior Olympic Boxing Cup Competition is one of the highlights in the boxing map this week.

The Tamano City General Gymnasium is the venue of the Japanese National High School Selection Tournament. There are three huge competitions for the high school boxers every year in Japan and the High School Selection Tournament is their first meeting.

The Japanese Boxing Federation is the host of the competition with the support of the Japanese National Olympic Committee, the Tamano City Board of Education and the Okayama Prefectural Board of Education.

There are five women weight categories in the national event, the pinweight, the light flyweight, the flyweight, the bantamweight and the lightweight.

Eight men weight classes are also scheduled in the new edition of the Japanese National High School Selection Tournament, the boxers can compete from the pinweight up to the middleweight in Tamano City.

The Japanese boxers had gold medallists in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and at the Youth World Boxing Championships as well. Their current high school boxers have also strong potential in the international competitions.

Thirty-seven preliminary contests were held in the first day of boxing in the event and among them 22 were decided by points.

Kyushu’s Remi Shimizu won the first bout of the entire national event, she eliminated Rina Oyamada from the Takasaki Technical High School at the women’s pinweight.

Nitta High School’s Nanako Murakami needed less than one minute to beat Koryo High School’s Sae Morikawa in the smallest female weight class in Tamano City.

Taiga Yoshida from the Sutoku High School was too strong for Nitta’s Shou Matsune and the referee stopped their men’s light flyweight contest in the third round.

Sapporo’s Ai Kirikoshi was event quicker than Yoshida, and he won his first bout in the national event over Seki Hoshimoto by RSC in the second round at the men’s flyweight.

Altogether 127 bouts are in the competition schedule of the Japanese National High School Selection Tournament. After four busy competition days, the finals will take place in the national event on March 29

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