Thailand’s best 49 youth and junior boxers returned to their training camp to Korat

Thailand’s youth and junior national boxing teams train in the city of Korat to prepare for the future goals. Mr. Poek Puengpanya and Mr. Thong Thaweekoon are experienced coaches who work with the next generation of the Thai boxers. The talented Thai girls and boys train together in the camp in the city of Korat.

Korat is located in northeast Thailand not so far away from Bangkok which is one of the four major cities of the country. Their top women and men youth and junior boxers are all there in the training camp and began the physical preparation after the quarantines.

Altogether 49 boxers are in the training camp in Korat with coaches, staff members and medical support. The number of the youth boxers is 20 in the training camp and joining to them there are also 29 junior talents in the camp. Among the 49 boxers there are 15 girls and 34 boys in Korat.

Many of these boxers have got experiences from the international events, some of them claimed medals in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and in the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in 2019.

Thailand’s Women’s Youth National Games winner Thipsatcha Yodwaree achieved silver in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships. She joined to the youth age group this January and she was planning to attend at the 2020 Bornemissza Memorial Tournament in Eger but the event was postponed. Natnicha Chongprongklang is one of the most talented Thai girls in the 2004 age group who is also there in the camp.

Thailand’s Khon Kaen Junior National Games winner Thanakon Aonyaem impressed with his effective technique in Fujairah last October and claimed bronze medal. Thailand’s Phanuwat Butchan is only 15 but he won their Youth National Games on May and the Khon Kaen National Games on August in 2019. Butchan achieved also bronze medal in the 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah.

Thailand’s youth team contains several boxers who attended international events in various countries in the recent years. Natthapong Thuamcharoen, Thanawat Srijan, Witthaya Chanson and Suttichai Kueachim all competed in the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. Phisit Paochanthuek earned bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and joined to the junior age group this year.

Thailand’s elite female and male teams returned to their National Training Centre after three months of break and began their preparations to the upcoming events on June. Their youth and junior boxers continued that road in different location.

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