Teenage talent Akhmadjon Saidov continued his winning path in the Tajikistan U21 National Championships

Tajikistan Boxing Federation hosted their U21 National Championships for their best women and men hopefuls in Asht. The city of Asht hosted the event which is located in the northernmost part of the Central Asian country near to the Uzbek border. AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Akhmadjon Saidov won the light heavyweight (81kg) short after his 18th birthday in Asht.
Tajikistan competed in the Tashkent 2017 ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships and two of their hopes qualified for the Hamburg 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships. Shabbos Negmatulloev developed well this year and proved top performance in Hamburg where he advanced to the Top8.
The first gold medal in the women tournament of the Tajikistan U21 National Championships was won by Khatlon’s Minusa Nazirmatova who had a narrow victory over Mekhrona Olimova in the final of the light flyweight (48kg). The young talent won her first national title in Tajikistan and aiming for a place in their national squad.
Tajikistan’s National Champion Madina Gaforova won a superb contest in the AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Guwahati against a tough Chinese opponent and proved she has got all the potential to reach the top level in Asia. Dushanbe’s 18-year-old pride defeated National Champion Rukhafzo Khaknazarova in the final of the flyweight (51kg) which was one of the best fight in the women’s tournament.
Sughd region’s Burkhon Layloi was bronze medallist in the 2017 Tajikistan Women’s Youth National Championships and did revenge to Ekaterina Ursova due her loss in that event and won the title of the bantamweight (54kg). Madina Abdulkholikzoda, who competed also in the AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Guwahati, won the title of the featherweight (57kg) following her success over Zarnigor Pirova in the final.
Sughd region’s Sharifa Samiyeva had a close triumph in the semi-final of the welterweight (69kg) against Khatlon’s Dilorom Nazarova and after that she was able to control her final over Zarina Rasulova. Nilufar Boboyorova won a title of the last edition of the Tajikistan Women’s National Championships and she was too experienced for Khilolbi Shukurova and Mizhgona Nodirova at the middleweight (75kg).
Khatlon’s inexperienced sensation Nilufar Umarzoda eliminated Dushanbe’s Khosiyat Nazarova and Firuza Khudoydodova in the final stages of the light heavyweight (81kg) which results were small surprises in Asht. National Champion Gulmira Isroilova is only 19 but she is member of the national elite team in Tajikistan therefore her success over Mekhrona Mukhtorova was a well deserved success.
Sughd region’s Mukhammad Abdusamadzoda is only 18 but he was the first boxer who could win the title in the men’s part of the Tajikistan U21 National Championships after his triumph over National Championships bronze medallist Ganchibek Shabdulloyev at the light flyweight (49kg). Khatlon’s Youth National Champion Sunatullo Yunuszoda moved up to the flyweight (52kg) and impressed the crowd with his combinations which he launched well enough in the final against Dushanbe’s Bakhodur Mirzoaliyev.
Kulob’s Asian Students Championships bronze medallist 20-year-old Bakhtovar Sagizov had experiences from several international tournaments but he needed to do his very best to beat World Olympic Qualification Event competitor promising Fayzen Rakhmatshoev in the final of the bantamweight (56kg). Sagizov won the gold medal in the 2016 and in 2017 Tajikistan National Championships among the elite boxers and aiming for a place in the top team of the country.
Khatlon’s Tajikistan Students National Championships bronze medallist Ramazan Tabarov exceeded the expectations in Asht and defeated Bilol Kholov in the final of the lightweight (60kg). Khatlon’s Asian Students Championships silver medallist and National Champion Bakhodur Usmonov opened his participation in his new category at the light welterweight (64kg) where he was too strong for Dalerjon Khuseinov in the final.
Dushanbe’s Khuzaif Fozilov launched lethal punches in the final of the welterweight (69kg) against Makhmadradjab Fakhriddinov and the referee confirmed his RSC success. Youth National Champion 18-year-old Nekruz Salimov had to meet in the gold medal bout of the middleweight (75kg) with his old rival Dushanbe’s Fozil Radzhabaliyev but finally his hand was raised after the final bell.
Tajikistan’s super talented AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Akhmadjon Saidov moved up to the light heavyweight (81kg) but the 18-year-old boxer was too strong for all of his opponents in the U21 National Championships. Saidov stopped Mukhammadjon Zaripov in the semi-final and he was also too strong for Khatlon’s Shakhrom Yormadov in the final of the event.
The heavyweight (91kg) gold medal was achieved by Dushanbe’s 20-year-old Siyovush Zabirov who had to do his very best to beat Khatlon’s Khodjimukhamed Ashurov in the final. The last gold medal went to Dushanbe’s Abubakr Khudoydodov who stopped Nekruz Khalifazoda and Rahmatullo Nodirov in the final stages of the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the winners in the Tajikistan U21 National Championships
Women’s 48kg: Minusa Nazirmatova
Women’s 51kg: Madina Gaforova
Women’s 54kg: Burkhon Layloi
Women’s 57kg: Madina Abdulkholikzoda
Women’s 69kg: Sharifa Samiyeva
Women’s 75kg: Nilufar Boboyorova
Women’s 81kg: Nilufar Umarzoda
Women’s +81kg: Gulmira Isroilova
Men’s 49kg: Mukhammad Abdusamadzoda
Men’s 52kg: Sunatullo Yunuszoda
Men’s 56kg: Bakhtovar Sagizov
Men’s 60kg: Bilol Kholov
Men’s 64kg: Bakhodur Usmonov
Men’s 69kg: Khuzaif Fozilov
Men’s 75kg: Nekruz Salimov
Men’s 81kg: Akhmadjon Saidov
Men’s 91kg: Siyovush Zabirov
Men’s +91kg: Abubakr Khudoydodov