Tajikistan’s Abdurakhmon Yokubov won his next event in the Children’s Day Tournament in Khudjand

Tajik Youth Boxing 03

An important Youth & Junior National Tournament was held in Khudjand, Tajikistan which is located in the Northern part of the country and the city is famous of its traditional Ismail Hamzaaliyev Memorial Tournament. The Children’s Day Youth & Junior Tournament delivered great battles in Khudjand and 10 new champions have been crowned.
Mekhrodj Zoidov is only 14 but he was able to compete in the highest possible level in the Children’s Day Tournament in Khudjand. The 34kg weight class boxer eliminated Usmon Mirzoyev in the semi-final of the event and continued his winning path against Jovid Usmonov in the gold medal bout.
Mekhrodj’ brother Khusrav Zoidov, who already won an international tournament as well, also delivered top performance in the event and proved he is also a superb talent in Tajikistan. The second Zoidov brother defeated Khusravkhon Rakhimov in the final of the junior 40kg which was his next success in the national level events.
The further gold medals in the junior level of the Children’s Day Tournament were the following boxers in Khudjand: Jakhongir Ashurov (42kg), Yusuf Rustamjoni (54kg), Mukhammad Temurboyev (66kg) and Ramoil Kurbonov (75kg). Kurbonov exceeded the expectations with his gold medal after beating Tajikistan’s Junior National Champion Rakhmonbek Begmatov by RSC in the first round in the final.
Shermamad Rustamov defeated the main favourite Dilshod Okilov in the first preliminary round of the youth light flyweight (49kg) and continued his winning path until the end of the final bell in Khudjand. The second favourite of the category Dushanbe’s Junior National Champion Mavlon Fayziyev lost to his quarter-final bout to Mukhammad Abdusamadzoda and also failed to get any medals in Khudjand. Rustamov was amazing in the final against Abdusamadzoda and won the first youth title in Khudjand.
Tajikistan’s Alisher Kurbonov eliminated Kyrgyzstan’s Syimyk Daniyar Uulu in the semi-final of the youth bantamweight (56kg) while his teammate Daler Mirkhodjayev was too strong for Sorbon Gulov who has got international experiences. Kurbonov used his strength in the final of the event against Mirkhodjayev and the referee stopped their unequal final quickly and confirmed his RSC success in the opening round.
Issyk-Kul Junior Cup silver medallist Abdurakhmon Yokubov has got experiences from several national events and he is the current Junior National Champion in Tajikistan. The 17-year-old lightweight (60kg) talent did not give any chance to strong Timur Nazarov in the semi-final and Abdullo Mirzoyev in the final. The last gold medal of the tournament was achieved by Makhmadradjab Fakhriddinov who was too strong for Yokub Sultonov in the final of the youth welterweight (69kg).

List of the winners in the Tajikistan Youth & Junior National Tournament
tajikistan Junior 34kg: Mekhrodj Zoidov
tajikistan Junior 40kg: Khusrav Zoidov
tajikistan Junior 42kg: Jakhongir Ashurov
tajikistan Junior 54kg: Yusuf Rustamjoni
tajikistan Junior 66kg: Mukhammad Temurboyev
tajikistan Junior 75kg: Ramoil Kurbonov
tajikistan Youth 49kg: Shermamad Rustamov
tajikistan Youth 56kg: Alisher Kurbonov
tajikistan Youth 60kg: Abdurakhmon Yokubov
tajikistan Youth 69kg: Makhmadradjab Fakhriddinov