Syrian Youth National Championships


Three talents claimed their second titles in the Syrian Youth National Championships in Tartous

Syrian Boxing Federation is a good exemplar for all national associations with their great commitment to our sport in spite of the crisis in the country. Their next edition Youth National Boxing Championships was held in the city of Tartous where 85 boxers competed in their four-day long competition.
Three of the Syrian talents competed in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan last month where the country proved they are in the Asian boxing map. Three of their boxers were able to defend their titles after the last edition which was held in Damascus in March 2015.
Syria’s promising boxer 18-year-old Amar Al-Aloul of Damascus won the gold medal at the Flyweight class (52 kg) one year ago in the national event while now he was able to beat all of his rivals including Junior National Champion Abdullah Maghmomh of Hama in the final of the Bantamweight class (56 kg).
Ammar Merie who also trains in the capital city in Damascus was the second boxer who could defend his throne in Tartous where he triumphed over Junior National Champion Osama Alaje of Latakia at the Lightweight class (60 kg). Ghadir Obeida of Latakia, who secured his first national title still back in 2013, won the youth title in 2015 and he was able to repeat that strong performance in Tartous where he controlled his gold medal bout against Omran Al-Sharef of Homs.
The first gold medal of the Syrian Youth National Championships was achieved by Tarek Mardini of Damascus at the Light Flyweight class (49 kg) who defeated Ali Daroesh in the final who trains in the city of Tartous. Haidar Nasra was silver medallist in the Junior National Championships last year but he was able to change that into gold after beating Junior National Champion Mohammed Faiz Safeeh at the Flyweight class (52 kg).
Junior National Champion 17-year-old Ammar Haidar competed in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar and those experiences were enough for him to beat all of his rivals in Tartous. Haidar has got great fighting spirit who defeated another younger talent Junior National Champion Mudar Hamdan in the final of the Light Welterweight class (64 kg).
Ali Atrash of Aleppo, Junior National Championships silver medallist Zualfakar Mansour of Army Club and Abdullah Jadeed of Latakia each won their first titles in Syria. Ahmad Serieh of Hama was gold medallist in the Syrian Junior National Championships last September and joined to the youth age group this January. The 17-year-old Super Heavyweight class (+91 kg) talent proved his great skills in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar and delivered a gold medal in Tartous following his triumph over Hussein Hassan.

List of the winners in Syrian Youth National Championships

49 kg: Tarek Mardini
52 kg: Haidar Nasra
56 kg: Amar Al-Aloul
60 kg: Ammar Merie
64 kg: Ammar Haidar
69 kg: Ghadir Obeida
75 kg: Ali Atrash
81 kg: Zualfakar Mansour
91 kg: Abdullah Jadeed
+91 kg: Ahmad Serieh