Syria will host twelve national competitions and additional courses in 2024

Syria is a developing boxing country and despite their hard situation, the Western Asian nations will host 12 national competitions in 2024. These national competitions will feature for all of the Syrian regions for both genders.

The President of the Syrian Boxing, Mr. Mohamed Kamel Shbib is one of the most experienced officials in Asia who worked hard to develop the country’s boxing life.

Their first competition in Syria was their Elite National Championships still in the Therrin Sport Complex in Damascus which served as selections for the upcoming competitions. Ahmad Ghossoun, Alaaldin Ghossoun, and Mohamed Moulayes are still the main national team members who all will aim for Olympic spots.

The Youth National Championships will be held in the month of April, the Junior National Championships is scheduled to take place in August.

The Syrian Women’s National Championships for all age groups from the schoolgirls up to the elites will be held in August. The last edition of the Syrian Women’s National Championships delivered excellent contests between the junior and youth girls.

The President’s Cup for the elite male boxers will take place in October while the Syrian Open Boxing Championships for all clubs and training centers will close the year in Syria’s boxing in 2024.

The Syrians will host Referees & Judges Seminars in April and National Coach Course in the month of June. 1-star and 2-stars Referees & Judges Courses are planning to be held with the neighbouring countries in the month of July.

The Syrians are planning to participate in the upcoming 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Busto Arsizio, Italy and also at the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok, Thailand on May 2024.

There will be three ASBC Asian Boxing Championships for all of the age groups in 2024 and hopefully Syria could be there in these important competitions. Syria had several medals in the ASBC Boxing Championships in the previous years and strong results in the last two editions of the Mediterranean Games and the Arab Sports Games.

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