Successful AIBA 1-star Coach Course and R&J Course were held in the Indian Boxing Academy in Rohtak

Learning underway at National Boxing Academy during AIBA Star One Courses

Boxing Federation of India hosted a successful AIBA 1-star Coach Course together with a Refereeing & Judging Course in their National Boxing Academy which is located in the Haryana region in Rohtak. Altogether 50 coaches and 35 Referee & Judges finished the courses and the exams successfully in Rohtak.
The AIBA 1-star Coach Course was leading by Poland’s Mr. Adam Kusior who is the Chairman of the AIBA Coaches Commission and South Africa’s Mr. Andile Mofu who is member of the AIBA Coaches Commission. The AIBA 1-star Refereeing & Judging Course was instructed by the Chairman of the AIBA Refereeing & Judging Commission Argentina’s Mr. Osvaldo Bisbal and Mr. John Rose.
Their new 1-star coaches will be able to teach the fundamentals of our beloved combat sport to the school, junior and youth boxers in the future to build up better background in the country. Their new 1-star Referees & Judges can work in the national competitions in India and smaller international events in the future. The courses contained also theoretical and practical classes in Rohtak.
India has got new President Mr. Ajay Singh since last October and also new management with General Secretary Mr. Jay Kowli. Their new Federation is working hard to find the way back to the success and the country could be competitive in all parts of boxing once again in the new Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle.