Stubbs Shields Championships in Sri Lanka

Stubbs Shields Championships was a success in Sri Lanka
The Stubbs Shields Boxing Championships was held in the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in the capital city of Sri Lanka in Colombo where the number of the participating men youth, junior and schoolboys athletes was more than 300 in the event. The competition was named by Sir R. Edward Stubbs a former Governor of Ceylon who obtained permission to the first organizers to host boxing event among the schools.
Sri Lanka is a developing boxing nation in the South Asian region with great future potential in the upcoming years. Sri Lanka sent full team to the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships to Bangkok, Thailand at the very first time in the history of the event and their squads were there in the previous ASBC competitions.
The Stubbs Shields Championships is the most prestigious one in Sri Lanka with great history in the recent decades. The tournament is organized by the School Boxing Association which has got more than 75 members in Sri Lanka. In the current edition the Vidyarathana University College became the best team, Sylvester College Kandy finished as second while another Kandy-based school the Peradeniya Central College ranked as third in the Stubbs Shields Championships.
The best boxer of the entire Stubbs Shields Championships came from the youth level, A. Kasun Maduranga who trains in the Vidyarathana University College in Horana and won the Bantamweight class (56 kg) in the event. Their experienced teenagers such as R.A.S. Chandu (49 kg) and G.W.B. Manaram (60 kg) also won their weight classes in the youth part of the Stubbs Shields Championships.
Five weight classes were held in the junior level from the 46 kg weight class up to the 54 kg category in the Stubbs Shields Championships. M.M.A. Ahamad (48 kg) won the Jayah Junior Tournament in the previous part of the year and he was able to repeat that performance in the Stubbs Shields Championships while the other four winners were new in the Sri Lankan events in 2015.
Boxers who were born in 2000 and in 2001 were able to compete in the schoolboys part of the Stubbs Shields Championships. Among the winners H.G.D.L. Abeysekara is the upcoming boxer of the year in Sri Lanka and as per the previous expectations he could win the 41 kg weight class in the event. M.I.B. Abeywickrama (37 kg) and P.V. Senuk Himanjith (45 kg) are also talented boxers in Sri Lanka who won the gold medal in the Stubbs Shields Championships.
Winners in the Stubbs Shields Championships
Schoolboys 35 kg: K.G.C.S.S.B. Kapukotuwa
Schoolboys 37 kg: M.I.B. Abeywickrama
Schoolboys 39 kg: D.R.I.D. Bandara
Schoolboys 41 kg: H.G.D.L. Abeysekara
Schoolboys 43 kg: M.G.I.M. Rupasinghe
Schoolboys 45 kg: P.V. Senuk Himanjith
Junior 46 kg: P.A.R. Prasanna
Junior 48 kg: M.M.A. Ahamad
Junior 50 kg: K.G.K.M. Karunasinghe
Junior 52 kg: S.M.K.S. Bandara
Junior 54 kg: R.M.S.D. Ranathunga
Youth 49 kg: R.A.S. Chandu
Youth 52 kg: K.G.K.M. Karunasinghe
Youth 56 kg: A. Kasun Madurasinghe
Youth 60 kg: G.W.B. Manaram
Youth 64 kg: H.W.G.P. Rathnasiri