Six new winners including two ladies celebrated their gold medals in the Macau Open Boxing Championships

The Macau Open Boxing Championships is the highlight among the competitions in the small country and the new edition was a success for the women’s and men’s elite boxers. Macau Boxing Association hosted Macau Open Boxing Tournament in their capital city and six new winners celebrated their titles after the finals.
Macau Boxing Association is planning to build up a new national team and their management is trying to increase their international experiences. Macau is a developing boxing nation in the East Asian region and to raise the skills of their talents Macau Boxing Association has been hiring Chinese coaches to get the next step.
Mr. Lai Pak Leng is the current and active President of the Macau Boxing Association who is working hard to develop the sport in spite of the fact combat arts are not enough popular in the small country yet.
Mr. Billy Vong Kuok Veng is Macau’s experienced ITO who has been supporting the world’s biggest competitions with his experiences and also trying to develop the sport in his country. Following his strong efforts Macau sent one boxer to the last edition of the Asian Games which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia last August.
Macau launched women boxing in the country in 2004 but in the recent years they were not able to box internationally in the female part of the sport. In the 2017 edition of the Macau Open Boxing Championships women boxing was returned to the ring and following that two female weight classes were scheduled in the new competition.
The first female gold medal of the whole Macau Open Boxing Championships was achieved by Chan Man Man who defeated China’s Chen Yumen in a hectic final at the featherweight (57kg). The second title in the women’s part of the Macau Open Boxing Championships was captured by Jessie Cheng who was slightly better than China’s Li Shursong in the final of the elite lightweight (60kg).
The men’s elite boxers could attend in the Macau Open Boxing Championships in four different divisions. The first man title was taken by Wun Jun Hou of Macau who defeated China’s Zhang Reijun in the final of the bantamweight (56kg) winning the bout by split decision. Macau’s Wong Kin Tat walked over to the next gold and took the title of the lightweight (60kg) after Chan Chi Hou was unable to box against him in the final.
Leong Kin Fung impressed in the final of the light welterweight (64kg) and triumphed over Chan Yuen Fan for the third men’s gold medal in the Macau Open Boxing Championships. The last title of the event was taken by Chang Ka Chon who defeated Kuan Jun Sam in the final of the men’s welterweight (69kg).

List of the winners in the Macau Open Boxing Championships
Women’s 57kg: Chan Man Man, Macau
Women’s 60kg: Jessie Cheng, Macau
Men’s 56kg: Wun Jun Hou, Macau
Men’s 60kg: Wong Kin Tat, Macau
Men’s 64kg: Leong Kin Fung, Macau
Men’s 69kg: Chang Ka Chon, Macau

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