Six boxers were selected to the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships following the Syrian Schoolboys Nationals

The Syrian Schoolboys National Championships was held in the city of Tartous which is located off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Among Syria’s best schoolboy talents Sabraa Kaiek, Al-Hassan Kadous, Ammar Rababie, Yousef Nissani, Zein Assa, Zein Mohamed and Hassan Khandour delivered the best technical and tactical skills in Tartous.
Altogether 119 talented schoolboy boxers from 13 teams attended in the Syrian Schoolboys National Championships in Tartous. Six boxers have been selected to the upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships which will be held in Kuwait City in the upcoming days.
The boxers who were born in 2005 or in 2006 were eligible to compete in the Syrian Schoolboys National Championships. Latakia became the best team and topped the rankings, Tartous secured the second position while the squad from Al Hasakie ranked surprisingly as third in the national event.
Damascus-based Sabraa Kaiek has got excellent connections to the sport and his genetics were enough strong to catch the first title of the Syrian Schoolboys National Championships where he eliminated Army’s Hatem Hatem in the final of the 35kg. Latakia’s first gold medal was captured by Al-Hassan Kadous who defeated Houssen Dayoub in a one-sided final at the 37kg weight class.
Latakia’s Mohamed Badour continued their team’s excellent performance and defeated Qunaitra’s Teim Soulaiman in the third final of the competition. Latakia’s third-in-a-row gold medal was achieved by Ammar Rababie who was too smart for Qunaitra’s Hamza Shadoud in the final of the 43kg division.
The first boxer from Tartous who claimed gold medal in the national event was Yousef Nissani at the 46kg after beating Aleppo’s Mohamed Nakrish. Al Hasakie’s first gold medal was achieved by Mohamed Haj Ali at the 49kg category where he was slightly better than Damascus City’s Mohamed Omar.
Aleppo’s bets talent in this age group Ali Haloum amazed the judges and the crowd with his strong skills and defeated Homs’ Diyaia Al-Ali in Tartous. Army Boxing Club’s Haidar Hattem claimed the next gold medal in the event and did not give any chance to Latakia’s Ward Al-Sheikh in the final of the Nationals.
Tartous’ next big success was achieved by Mohamed Abass who had to do his very best to beat Aleppo’s Ahmad Moner Al-Jafaa in the next final. Tartous’ Zein Assa was also better than Damascus’ Emad Aldin Nabaa in the final of the 61kg weight class. Tartous’ fourth gold medal was captured by Zein Mohamed following his excellent combinations against Hama’s Talal Azank in the final of the 64kg.
Hama’s lone title in the event was earned by Haidar Younies after his success over Latakia’s Jad Asaad at the 67kg. Damascus’ Hassan Khandour had clear dominancy over Hama’s Osama Al-Taieb in the final of the 70kg. Al Hasakie won the last and fourteenth title of the Syrian Schoolboys National Championships at the +70kg where Mouharan Yousef was too strong for Aleppo’s Mohamed Fadil Mouzaik.

List of the winners of the Syrian Schoolboys National Championships
35kg: Sabraa Kaiek
37kg: Al-Hassan Kadous
40kg: Mohamed Badour
43kg: Ammar Rababie
46kg: Yousef Nissani
49kg: Mohamed Haj Ali
52kg: Ali Haloum
55kg: Haidar Hattem
58kg: Mohamed Abass
61kg: Zein Assa
64kg: Zein Mohamed
67kg: Haidar Younies
70kg: Hassan Khandour
+70kg: Mouharan Yousef

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