Seong Su Yeon, Hergie Bacyadan and Aziza Zokirova are among the winners of the evening session of Day4 in Bangkok

South Korea’s Seong Su Yeon, Philippines’ Hergie Bacyadan and Uzbekistan’s Aziza Zokirova all remained their chances alive at the women’s middleweight (75kg) to qualify for the Games through the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok.

Altogether 579 boxers from 133 countries are participating in the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok where the total number of the available quotas for the Paris 2024 Olympics is 51. The number of the coaches, officials and team delegations members is 610 in Thailand.

South Korea’s Seong Su Yeon eliminated her first rival in the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Busto Arsizio and she repeated the same against a more experienced rival once again. The South Korean had the strong fighting spirit and attacking style of boxing against Mozambique’s World medallist Rady Adosinda Gramane which guaranteed her place in the last 16.

Mongolia’s Erdenetuya Enkhbaatar had several issues during her life but with hard work she could reach her previous level of boxing. The Mongolian tried to be more punctual than Barbados’ Kimberly Gittens who competed already in the 2010 edition of the Women’s World Boxing Championships. Enkhbaatar felt this is her real chance to show her talent and she won two rounds against the Caribbean veteran in Bangkok.

Kazakhstan’s Valentina Khalzova, the 2016 World Champion, is one of the biggest names at the women’s middleweight (75kg) who did not qualify for the Paris Olympics yet. The 28-year-old Kazakh used her best distance and she jumped into the range several times successfully to beat Ukraine’s Karolina Makhno.

Uzbekistan’s Aziza Zokirova used the recent ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships as the last preparation event for Bangkok. The 20-year-old Uzbek girl followed her father Lazizbek’s instructions well enough to win all of the three rounds against a Latvian teenager, Kitija Zarberga at the women’s middleweight (75kg).

Philippines’ Hergie Bacyadan switched from other martial arts to boxing only in 2019 but the Boxam Tournament winner proved her amazing strength in the Round of 32 today. The Filipina won all of the three rounds against Spain’s newcomer Dunia Martinez and she had the dominance from the first seconds.

Thailand’s Weerapon Jongjoho, the 2021 World bronze medallist, had a dramatic battle in the evening session against United States’ No.1, Robby Gonzales and surprisingly his hand was raised after the last gong. Another strong Asian light heavyweight (80kg) boxer, Kyrgyzstan’s Omurbek Bekzhigit Uulu was slightly better than Great Britain’s Ramtin Musah. Jordan’s Asian Champion Hussein Iashaish is a two-time Olympian boxer who invested seriously hard work to be one of the stars at the light heavyweight (80kg). He is now stronger than ever and Jordan’s No.1 shocked Belgium’s Noa Hadjit with his upgraded skills therefore Iashaish can prepare to his next bout in the Round of 16.

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