Scot official Mr. Caulfield sees bright future for Asian boxing

Recognized as a seasoned technical official serving on international tournaments, Mr. Andrew Caulfield of Scotland shared his thoughts on the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships 2022 that concluded recently in Amman, Jordan.

Mr. Caulfield worked as the Observer in the latest major continental competition held from November 2-12.

“The Asian Elite Boxing Championships was a huge success for the ASBC. The boxers showcased their skills from the beginning of the competition until the end of the tournament. This was one of the highest levels of boxing that I’ve seen,” he said.

Mr. Caulfield also commended the Jordan Amateur Boxing Association for its successful hosting of the championships as well as the other officials for their great efforts in keeping the integrity of the competition.

The contests were so close and it made the work hard for the judges to score the battles. The coaches have done fantastic preparations for this event and it was clear that every day’s sessions could have been finals as well.  It was a huge personal honour for me as being Observer of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships.

All of the boxers who participated in the championships in Amman, showed huge respect despite they won or lose their contests, testimony to their coaches and families.  The work of the Referees & Judges improved everyday due to the guidance of the Evaluators in Amman. The finals were incredible, the winning margin was very close in all of the contests.

I am so grateful that I received an award and I had the chance present the trophy for the Best Referee & Judge of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships who was Chinese Taipei’s Chang Yu Ling. She worked well from the first day of the competition.

The Jordan LOC created an atmosphere which made the boxers perform at their best. The work of the Referees & Judges improved everyday due to the guidance of the Evaluators in Amman. All of the ITOs also worked hard in this tournament.”

“Asia’s boxing future looks bright after this event.”

Following his boxing career, Scotland’s Mr. Andrew Caulfield worked as Referee & Judge in several championships including the London 2012 Olympic Games. Mr. Caulfield previously served in the Olympic Games, World Championships and other big international meets in various capacities.

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