Rakhmankul Avatov was the best boxer in the Kyrgyz National Universiade in Bishkek

Rakhmankul Avatov

The Kyrgyz National Universiade was held in Bishkek where boxers who are studying in the universities were able to attend in the competition. Altogether 69 boxers competed in ten weight classes from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic and among their National Elite Champions Rakhmankul Avatov and Yktyiar Shabdanbayev both were able to win their weight classes in the National Universiade.
The first gold medal of the event was achieved by Rakhmankul Avatov who won the Kyrgyz National Championships in the last Olympic era and competed in several big international events. The light flyweight (49kg) boxer eliminated Nurzhigit Dyushebayev in the semi-final and continued his winning path against Barchyn Bekbolotov in Bishkek.
Former National Champion Roman Sadirzhan Uulu, who returned to the ring in the recent months, was the main favourite of the flyweight (52kg) in the event and he dominated his road to the finals. The 23-year-old boxer was not enough confident in the final against another returning athlete, Azamat Alkozhoyev who defeated him in a narrow bout.
Ramazan Suranchiyev competed in the youth level in 2016 and joined to the elite age group only this January but he was energetic in the competition. His youth enthusiasm delivered for him a gold medal in the National Universiade where he was too smart for national team member and experienced Kanat Abduvakhab Uulu.
Argen Kadyrbek Uulu stopped his opponents in the road to the final of the lightweight (60kg) where he had to face with the favourite Erzhan Turgunbekov who has been fighting in the international level since 2011. The Kyrgyz talent delivered one of his best ever performance and finally Kadyrbek Uulu’s hand was raised after the last bell.
FISU University Boxing Championships bronze medallist Temirlan Osmonov arrived to the competition as the main gold medal contender of the light welterweight (64kg) but he suffered a close loss to 18-year-old Bekzhan Ilichbek Uulu in the quarter-final. The Kyrgyz teenager, who competed in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Pavlodar, was not able to win the gold medal due his loss to Yunus Khandyshinov in the final.
AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Adilet Batyraliev also could not win his category following his unexpected loss to Taalaybek Aitbek Uulu in the semi-final of the welterweight (69kg). The gold medal finally went to Kyrgyz National Championships silver medallist Ilyas Mukanbetov who dominated all of his fights in the National Universiade in Bishkek including the final against Taalaybek Aitbek Uulu.
National team member Yktyiar Shabdanbayev received the right to compete in the World Olympic Qualification Event in Baku short after his 20th birthday. He is the current Kyrgyz National Champion at the middleweight (75kg) therefore his triumph over Bektur Dzhalilbekov was not a surprise result in the national event.
Marat Abdykalikov competed in the last five editions of the Kyrgyz National Championships and also in the Duisenkul Shopokov Memorial Tournament and finally his time has come in their Universiade in Bishkek. The experienced light heavyweight (81kg) boxer controlled his final against ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships silver medallist 18-year-old Alisher Chatkalbekov while Beksultan Arstanbekov and Meder Stanbekov achieved only bronze medals this time.
Zhaksylyk Kuzaliyev claimed silver medal in the last edition of the Kyrgyz National Championships and the young heavyweight (91kg) talent was enough strong now to beat all of his rivals including Adylbek Taalaybek Uulu in the final. The tenth gold medal of the Kyrgyz National Universiade was went to Sanjar Tairov who defeated Aman Nazaraliyev in the final of the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the winners in the Kyrgyz National Universiade
kyrgyzstan 49kg: Rakhmankul Avatov
kyrgyzstan 52kg: Azamat Alkozhoyev
kyrgyzstan 56kg: Ramazan Suranchiyev
kyrgyzstan 60kg: Argen Kadyrbek Uulu
kyrgyzstan 64kg: Yunus Khandyshinov
kyrgyzstan 69kg: Ilyas Mukanbetov
kyrgyzstan 75kg: Yktyiar Shabdanbayev
kyrgyzstan 81kg: Marat Abdykalikov
kyrgyzstan 91kg: Zhaksylyk Kuzaliyev
kyrgyzstan +91kg: Sanjar Tairov