Raban Ali Khan proved his talent in the Nepal Youth National Championships

The Nepal U19 Youth National Boxing Championships was held for their female and male talents and 13 boxers became champions in the event. Sushma Tamang, Narika Rai and ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships competitor Raban Ali Khan became the bests in the Nepal Youth National Championships.

Nepal is a developing boxing country in the South Asian region which country has got more than 10,000 boxers in all regions. Nepal was the organizer of the South Asian Games which was a success for the country’s boxing life and their boxers claimed three gold medals but their talents were not able to attend in the Ulaanbaatar ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships.

The women boxers attended in the Youth National Championships at the very first time after a few years of break and six new champions have been crowned in the event. The Nepal Boxing Federation hosted the event in five competition days due the high number of participants which was crowded by the 32 participating teams.

The first female gold medal in the event was achieved by Sushma Tamang who had experienced from the national events since 2016 and controlled all of her fights in the Youth Championships. The 18-year-old boxer was too smart for Ramisha Shrestha in the final of the women’s light flyweight (48kg).

Narika Rai claimed bronze medal in the Nepal Junior National Selection Tournament a few months ago but she was not able to fight out her place to the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships. The 16-year-old boxer had a tough semi-final against Prabha Niraula and she continued the winning path in the final when she met with Anisha Kumal.

The title of the women’s bantamweight (54kg) was taken by Sanju Maya Thing who defeated Sumina Khadka in the third final of the national event. Susmita Rai has got experiences from the previous events which paid off in the final of the female featherweight (57kg). Dechhen Sherpa (60kg) and Trishna Jabegu (64kg) were the next women gold medallists.

Nepal’s talented Raban Ali Khan competed at the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah last month and the 16-year-old talent continued his winning path in the national event. Khan was too strong for all of his opponents in spite of the fact he has got less than 10 contests yet, he amazed in the final against Suraj Oli at the light flyweight (49kg).

The second male title was achieved by Suraj Gurung who stopped Rohan Malik in the final of the flyweight (52kg). The further male gold medallists were Jinesh Gurung (56kg), Anil Kumar Pun Magar (60kg), Samrat Chaudhary (64kg), Niraj Thapa (69kg) and Nischal Bista (75kg) in the Youth National Championships.

List of the winners in the Nepal Youth National Championships

Women’s 48kg: Sushma Tamang
Women’s 51kg: Narika Rai
Women’s 54kg: Sanju Maya Thing
Women’s 57kg: Susmita Rai
Women’s 60kg: Dechhen Sherpa
Women’s 64kg: Trishna Jabegu
Men’s 49kg: Raban Ali Khan
Men’s 52kg: Suraj Gurung
Men’s 56kg: Jinesh Gurung
Men’s 60kg: Anil Kumar Pun Magar
Men’s 64kg: Samrat Chaudhary
Men’s 69kg: Niraj Thapa
Men’s 75kg: Nischal Bista

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