Nepal’s new legends, Susma Tamang and Anjani Teli are among the winners at the 6th Bir Ghaneshman Singh National Championships

Nepal is one of the most promising boxing countries in the Asian continent, the country invested plenty of efforts to develop our sport. Their 6th edition of the Bir Ghaneshman Singh National Championships was the first main competition for them in 2024.

The hosts of the event were the Nepal Boxing Federation and the Ghaneshman Singh Sports Foundation Committee. The President of Nepal Boxing Federation, Mr. Ram Awale followed all of the five competition days from the venue of the Nationals.

Nepal has several national and selection competitions every year for their elite, Army, youth and novice boxers as well. The 6th Bir Ghaneshman Singh National Championships was held in Tripureshor, Kathmandu and the crowd enjoyed the excellent female and male bouts.

The competition was a selection event for the later actions of the year including the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event and the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships.

The best teams were the Armed Police Force in the women’s part of the competition, and the Tribhuvan Army Club among the men boxers.

Susma Tamang is a historic female medallist for Nepal, she claimed a silver medal at the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships in Bangkok. The young talent had a tough final against Ramisha Shrestha but her third round was enough to win the women’s light flyweight (50kg) in Kathmandu.

Anjani Teli was quarter-finalist at the Women’s World Boxing Championships for the very time in Nepal’s history one year ago and she competed at the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event as well. The 25-year-old boxer defeated G.C. Rakshya in the final of the women’s bantamweight (54kg) winning the bout by RSC.

Sangita Sunar has plenty of routine from various events such as the Asian Games, Asian Boxing Championships therefore she was too smart for Lalita Maharjan at the women’s lightweight (60kg) final. Barsha Shrestha (57kg), Binita Thapa Magar (66kg) and the veteran Saraswati Rana (75kg) were the further female winners in Kathmandu.

One of the best male contests were held between Chandra Bahadur Thapa and Rabin Thapa at the men’s flyweight (51kg) in this event. Both represented Nepal in big events and this time the first was able to beat the younger opponent by 3:2 split decision.

Prem Chaudhary walked over to the men’s featherweight (57kg) title and after that, another veteran Nepali boxer, Bhupendra Thapa defeated Khagendra Rokka Magar at the light welterweight (63.5kg). K.C. Mahendra caused the surprise of the men’s finals when he defeated the Asian Games competitor Rabin Nepal at the heavyweight (92kg).

The list of the winners at the Nepal Bir Ghaneshman Singh National Championships
Women’s 50kg: Susma Tamang
Women’s 54kg: Anjani Teli
Women’s 57kg: Barsha Shrestha
Women’s 60kg: Sangita Sunar
Women’s 66kg: Binita Thapa Magar
Women’s 75kg: Saraswati Rana
Men’s 51kg: Chandra Bahadur Thapa
Men’s 57kg: Prem Chaudhary
Men’s 63.5kg: Bhupendra Thapa
Men’s 71kg: Dan Bahadur Darlami Magar
Men’s 80kg: Manoj Tamang
Men’s 92kg: K.C. Mahendra

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