Mungunsaran Balsan and Tulga Oyunbaatar wins in the Mongolian Youth National Championships

The Mongolian Youth National Championships was held in the Selenge Province to develop boxing also in countryside. Mongolia’s top women youth boxers such as Mungunsaran Balsan, Erdenedalai Michidmaa and Yesugen Oyuntsetseg won the gold medals in the event where the biggest man star was 17-year-old Tulga Oyunbaatar.
The Mongolians have got strong boxing tradition and their talents achieved medals in the recent youth and junior international events. ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Bangkok which will be the lone qualification event for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games therefore the Mongolians are planning to send big team to Thailand’s capital.
The first gold medal of the women part of the Mongolian Youth National Championships was achieved by a young talent 16-year-old Khulan Lutsaikhan who eliminated Mungunchimeg Ganbolor and Narangoo Batsaikhan in the final stages of the competition where altogether 68 female talents fought for the medals.
Mongolia’s technician women’s youth boxer Mungunsaran Balsan moved up to the flyweight (51kg) in the recent weeks and Ochirsukh Enkhmaa by split decision in the final which was a sensational contest in the event. Erdenedalai Michidmaa won the Darkhan Youth Box Cup last October and eliminated Tugsjargal Nomin-Erdene in a hectic semi-final and B. Uyanga in the final of the women’s bantamweight (56kg).
Yesugen Oyuntsetseg was among Asia’s best junior boxers in 2017 claiming silver medal in the Silesian Women’s Open Tournament and taking medals in several other international events. The 17-year-old featherweight (57kg) boxer had to do her very best to beat Children of Asia Games winner Khongorzul Delgerkhangai in the title contest.
Ganzorig Badmaarag eliminated the main favourite Rentsenlkhagva Otgonbayar in the semi-final and continued her winning path against P. Oyunnomin in the final of the lightweight (60kg) became the youngest winner in the Mongolian Youth National Championships. The last woman gold medal was achieved by Tsolmonbaatar Namuun-Ursgal who defeated Namjim Anu in the final while the top favourite experienced Angarag Lkhagvadorj failed to get any medal in the event.
Chuluunbat Uugankhuu surprised all of his opponents at the light flyweight (49kg) of the Mongolian Youth National Championships. The 16-year-old talent was quarter-finalist in the 2017 Mongolian Junior National Championships but this time he did enough to beat all of his rivals including Junior National Champion Enkhzorigt Sukhbat in the final.
Junior National Champion Bayarsaikhan Altantulga won the title of the flyweight (52kg) following his triumph over Chuluunbaatar Munkh-Ochir. Tulga Oyunbaatar joined to the youth age group in January following his successful junior career and he had enough skills to beat Youth National Champion Amankeldi Khabdalmajid in the final of the men’s lightweight (60kg) and received the right to represent Mongolia in Bangkok.
Suuri Usukhbayar was registered also for the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships following his amazing success at the light welterweight (64kg). Onon Bekhboldun was too strong for his rivals at the welterweight (69kg) and won his first national title. Shizir Turbold competed at the heaviest weight class in the event and celebrated his title following his successes against experienced rivals.

List of the winners in the Mongolian Youth National Championships
Women’s Youth 48kg: Khulan Lutsaikhan
Women’s Youth 51kg: Mungunsaran Balsan
Women’s Youth 54kg: Erdenedalai Michidmaa
Women’s Youth 57kg: Yesugen Oyuntsetseg
Women’s Youth 60kg: Ganzorig Badmaarag
Women’s Youth +60kg: Tsolmonbaatar Namuun-Ursgal
Men’s Youth 49kg: Chuluunbat Uugankhuu
Men’s Youth 52kg: Bayarsaikhan Altantulga
Men’s Youth 56kg: G. Enkhtur
Men’s Youth 60kg: Tulga Oyunbaatar
Men’s Youth 64kg: Suuri Usukhbayar
Men’s Youth 69kg: Onon Bekhboldun
Men’s Youth 75kg: B. Enkh-Orchlon
Men’s Youth +75kg: Shizir Turbold