Mrs. Rasha Mohamed Al-Khamis – We have long-term strategies in Saudi Arabia and Gender Equality programs

Saudi Arabia sent six boxers to the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships which is the first big step for them in the road of developments. The Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation renewed and launched a long-term strategic program to achieve their goals in the future. Mrs. Rasha Mohamed Al-Khamis is the energetic Vice-President of the Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation who follows the contests in Tashkent and shared new details about their boxing life and developments.

Mrs. Rasha Mohamed Al-Khamis studied at the University of South California in the United States where she fell in love with boxing still in 2011. She moved back to Saudi Arabia in 2017 and became the country’s first ever certified woman boxer and coach.

Besides to her passion in boxing, she works in the strategic planning and supports actively not only Saudi Arabia but the Asian Boxing Confederation. Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Harbi is the new President in Saudi Arabia’s boxing and the official duo widened the world for all Saudis in our beloved combat sport.

“We sent the Saudi Arabian national team to the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships which is our first step in the road of the developments. We will be surely more active in the international boxing stage in the upcoming years.

The Gender Equality is my key program element and we have the strong potential in Saudi Arabia. Altogether 41 boxers attended in our historical Saudi Arabian Women’s National Championships and eleven champions have been crowned. Following some of them competed in Bahrain or in the UAE, they are able now attend in competitions in Saudi Arabia.

The approval of Hijab supports our women boxers to train in their gyms and we have program for them in Saudi Arabia. Judo, taekwondo started earlier the women’s sport in Saudi Arabia but we have big plans in our country.

Thousands want to try the sport in Saudi Arabia therefore our women’s boxing based on three different level. According our experiences and studies around 70% of the women want to do fitness sport, 15% of them are planning to try boxing as well. The remaining 15% will be involved to our competition systems and could be members of the national teams in various age groups.

We have five national events in Saudi Arabia every year, for the women boxers, men’s elite, youth, junior and schoolboys. We are in the basics in many aspects of the sport including the coaching and refereeing systems. We will start the new era and education of our coaches and referees from the national level and step by step our plan is to turn to international stage.

We hired a well-known coach, Mr. Kevin Smith from Boxing Australia to support our development programs as Technical Director, educate our coaches and manage many aspects of our boxing life.

Our boxers are in Tashkent now but we will have further competitions in Bahrain and other countries. A multisport event, the Saudi Arabian National Games will be held in March and our boxers have been preparing for that competition.

We are planning to host the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in June or July in 2022 which could be our historical step. We have further plans and long-term strategies together with the President,” summarized Saudi Arabia’s strategic plans in the venue of the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships.

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