Mr. Zoltan Szalma – The R&Js made lot of progress during the championship in Amman

Mr. Zoltan Szalma worked as Referee & Judge Evaluator at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships where he was part of the ITO team. The Hungarian official shared us his experiences and his work in Jordan’s capital where he supported Mr. Andrew Caulfield, the Observer of the competition.

Mr. Zoltan Szalma was an active boxer in the 1980s and 1990s and he has the experiences and feelings about boxing in the junior and youth age groups. He worked as R&J Evaluator in several ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in the recent years and Amman was the next step in his career. Mr. Zoltan Szalma runs an own boxing gym in Hungary and supports to development of the next generation of boxers.

“My job is to evaluate the work of the referees and judges during the competition and I have done the same process at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. The part of the evaluation procedure is to follow all bouts, analyse the work of the referees and judges and all of the scores. Our evaluator team give daily feedback to the referees and judges in order to improve their performance and motivate them.

Most of the referees and judges made lot of progress during the event and we recognized that many of them worked even better and better each competition day. The decisions were fair during the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and I believe the best boxers won the medals in all of the age groups and each category.

The officials, the boxers and the coaches stayed in the same hotel at the Regency during the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. This made me remember the times when I was a boxer and member of the Hungarian national boxing team. I could also feel the power of the next young generation in Amman and it was fantastic.

The level of the competition was very high, all of the countries sent their best and strongest young boxers to Amman. As many of my colleagues, I saw lot of young talents in both age groups. I do not want to mention any of them personally, but Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, and Philippines have bright future after to see their talents. Some of them could be there already in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

It was a great moment for me to be one of the officials who had the opportunity to present medals in the day of the finals in the women’s youth category. I would like to say great thanks to the local organizers and all of the colleagues that I could be part of this championship.

Currently I do not know which will be my next competition but I am ready to work anywhere to serve the world’s boxing life. I have a boxing gym in Hungary and I have many daily works there to support our plenty of young talents. I am so busy with them to improve their boxing skills and hopefully many of them will be champions in the future,” said Hungary’s R&J Evaluator Mr. Zoltan Szalma after the Amman event.

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