Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid pleased with efforts done to ensure success of ASBC elite meet in Amman

Malaysia’s veteran International Technical Official (ITO) Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid shared his opinions about the recently concluded ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships 2022 in Amman, Jordan.

Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid served as the Draw Commissioner of the prestigious tournament held from November 2-12.

“I had a challenging role, but with the guidance of the experienced Technical Delegate Mr. Angel Villarreal and feedback from the seasoned Observer Mr. Andrew Caulfield, I was able to manage the work well and achieved great results.”

“The hosting of this event was top-tier, thanks to the hardworking Local Organizing Committee and Jordan Amateur Boxing Association. Through the officials’ efforts, the boxers were able to focus on showing their best game in each bout.”

Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid praised the level of competition in this year’s Asian Elite Championships, which he deemed as one of the best that he witnessed.

“This event drew many talented boxers from different countries and made sure that the future of Asian elite boxing will just get better. Although Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Jordan and Thailand dominated the medal standings, the other countries showed their competitiveness as well with their strong fighters.

The women boxers demonstrated their high standards in the championship, the skills of the Asian girls are very high. The host county won two gold medals in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and Jordan’ boxers had strong performance and determination. Jordan was one of the most developed country in this championship and their boxers need more attention in the future events.

“The Malaysian team is in developing stage, there are new talents in the squad and there will be several changes in the upcoming championships. We are planning to hire a new foreign coach in Malaysia in order of our development. “ Mr. Wan Abdul Hamid, who is also the Deputy President of the Malaysian Boxing Federation, revealed that they will send their national boxers to the next edition of the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships, which will serve as one of their preparations for the 2023 Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia.

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