Mr. Shyam Awale – “We are expressing heartful thanks to ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev for the equipment support to Nepal”

Mr. Shyam Awale is the International Director of the Nepal Boxing Association who informed the Asian Boxing Confederation about their boxing life, future events, participation in the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament. Mr. Shyam Awale underlined the hard situation in Nepal and expressed a heartful thanks to the President of the Asian Boxing Confederation to Mr. Serik Konakbayev for the equipment support.
“Nepal boxing team was two months training before the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament which was our last preparation event in the road for the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games. This tournament helped our boxers to improve their levels and a great possibility to measure our players in the international level.
The Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament is one of the greatest tournaments in the whole globe and the world loves it. Thailand Boxing Association recognized its hospitality once again in Bangkok where we performed well at the light flyweight (49kg), flyweight (52kg) and light welterweight (64kg).
Our 27th Men’s and 8th edition of the Women’s National Boxing Championships was held in the Eastern region six months ago. We have organized our Open Men’s Elite and Women’s National Boxing Championships in Kathmandu from June 26 until July 2. Altogether 190 women and men boxers attended in this open event from 26 clubs and districts.
Our next 28th Men’s and 9th Women’s National Boxing Championships is going to be held in the city of Nepalgunj in the Mid-West Region during the first week of December. We are sending finally three women and five men boxers to the upcoming Jakarta 2018 Asian Games.
Our only national gym was collapsed in the national disaster three years ago and the Nepal Government yet to rebuild our training hall. Our boxers are getting train out of the Gym and lack of equipments since that serious earthquake.
We are highly appreciated the efforts of the Thailand Boxing Federation that our boxers could train two months in Thailand. We want to express heartfelt thanks to ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev for helping of boxing gloves and pads during the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Bangkok,”
said Mr. Shyam Awale who is the officer of the International Relations in the Nepal Boxing Association.

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