Mr. Mahmoud El-Hattab re-elected as President of the Lebanon Boxing Federation

The General Assembly of the Lebanon Boxing Federation was the most important activity of the country in 2020 which decided the positions of their Executive Committee which contains seven members. Mr. Mahmoud El-Hattab was re-elected as President of the Lebanon Boxing Federation during the General Assembly and he can hold that position until the end of 2024. 

The Vice-President of the Lebanese National Olympic Committee Mr. Hachem Haidar and the representative of the Ministry of Youth & Sports Mr. Naji Hammoud attended in the General Assembly of the Lebanon Boxing Federation as observers in Beirut.

The members of the General Assembly approved the administrative and financial reports of the previous period before the elections. The new members have been elected for four-years term and their positions are effective from the 21st of December 2020.

Mr. Mahmoud El-Hattab remained as President of the Lebanon Boxing Federation while the country’s most experienced official, Prof. Lawyer Mohammad Khalili is the Vice-President until 2024. Mr. Bshara Abboud is the Treasurer of the Federation while Mr. Hani Siblini is the Accountant and will be joining to their Executive Committee. Mr. Ali Khalil, Mr. Ismael Ismael and Mr. Abdallah Israwi are the remaining Executive Committee members.

Mr. Mahmoud El-Hattab is a successful businessman who joined as President to the Lebanon Boxing Federation in 2005 and he has been re-elected several times in the previous 15 years. He is a successful sport activist who supported financially the Lebanon Boxing Federation’s activities in the recent one and half decade.

Prof. Lawyer Mohammad Khalili claimed gold medal at the 1962 Lebanon National Boxing Championships and following his active career he became coach and later a successful referee and judge. He participated as R&J in the Moscow 1980 and in the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games besides to several other international events. Mr. Khalili hold several AIBA, and Asian positions, he worked as juries, he was member of several various commissions in the recent 40 years.

The Lebanese boxing family suffered seriously in August, following the fire of Hangar 12, two huge explosions killed many people and also firefighters in the port of Beirut. The cause of the explosion was 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a common industrial chemical which used for fertilisers and it is an important ingredient for the mining industry. The city of Beirut seriously destroyed during the explosions which affected also our boxing family in Lebanon.

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