Mr. Lenny D’Gama – Most of the Referees & Judges performed reasonably well in Amman

The ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships finished and 51 champions celebrated their titles in Amman, Jordan. India’s most experienced boxing official, Mr. Lenny D’Gama worked in the championships as Referee & Judge Evaluator and gave a special interview following the request of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

Mr. Lenny D’Gama had experiences as ITO from all levels of boxing and he worked for the success in several editions of the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in the recent years. The Goa-based official has a nice personality and has strong organizational skills too.

“The Asian Boxing Confederation was very fortunate to get this venue for the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships which was close to the hotel and the boxers easily could walk there for practicing in the morning. The Opening Ceremony was spectacular but just good and short enough to make it appreciable.

My job as an Evaluator and Observer is to check and analyse every round of all bouts during the sessions. I have to study deeply if a judge or referee who commits a fault to prevent any future mistakes and to be sure the bout results will be clear. If some of the referees and judges are underperforming, we keep them out to not to affect any of the bout results.

We also motivate the referees and judges to give their best and we hold seminars for them before each session to underline the critical factors and keep their focus full on the bouts. We segregated the best referees and judges to officiate the finals. In this ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships, we had IBA 2-stars and 3-stars R&Js, furthermore we had neutral referees too.

Most of the referees and judges performed reasonably well and we had a lot of 5:0 decisions, and only some 4:1 and 3:2 during the championships. The Asian Boxing Confederation not only keep the focus on the elite boxers but to the U22, youth and junior age groups which helps the boxers to grow and progress.

The top three nations as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India collected most of the gold medals in Amman. The event was a success for the teams of Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, they all had the spirit of boxing and winning.

The Indian junior and youth teams did excellently well in this championship especially the girls but as a neutral ITO I had to control my feelings and to be fair with all participating countries. Boxing Federation of India does not hesitate to give the very best of training and facilities to the boxers to become champions. We have plans to compete in the biggest events with experience and to get better results in the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Special thanks to the Asian Boxing Confederation, the Local Organizing Committee, the ITOs, the Referees & Judges and the boxers to work hard in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and supported the success of the event.

As for me my next competition is the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament in April and I hope to officiate at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and in the Asian Games this year,” said India’s ITO, Mr. Lenny D’Gama after the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships.

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