Mr. Kishen Narsi attended at the stalwarts’ category of the India Shadowboxing Challenge

Mr. Kishen Narsi attended at the India Shadowboxing Challenge in the stalwarts’ category of the project. India’s boxing official produced also a short individual shadowboxing video and attended in the oldest age group following he turned over 80.

Mr. Kishen Narsi was India’s University Boxing Champion in 1962 and has been serving the world’s boxing life as Referee & Judge and official following he finished his active career. He worked as Referee & Judge in Olympic Games, Asian Games and many of the Asian Boxing Championships. Mr. Kishen Narsi is still active in the boxing world and worked as Technical Delegate in the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships as one of his last officiating.

The India Shadowboxing Challenge started on May 21 and all of the participants could make short shadowboxing videos to show their boxing skills during the Covid-19 pandemic to inspire their community. The participants produced short 30-seconds individual videos in which they combined their attacking techniques with footwork and defense.

The ISBC2020 program followed the similar projects which started in Europe and finished with its last day on May 31. The India Shadowboxing Challenge was open for women and men boxers, children, veterans and former stars. The stalwart group was for the oldest participants over 80 years of age while there were sub-junior, cadet, cub and J class categories for the youngest talents.

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