Mr. Keith Walker – Mr. Serik Konakbayev is one of those people that I trust

Mr. Keith Walker is the President of the New Zealand Boxing Association who Supervised several Asian events in the recent years including the Bangkok 2015 ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships.
As Honorary Vice-President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Mr. Keith Walker replied to our questions about Asia’s boxing life, the future goals, the work of the Asian Boxing Confederation, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and about ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev.

“The Asian Boxing Confederation and its 44 member Federations are one of the most active Confederations in the world. The calendar of events in 2018 is an exciting prospect. In 2017 many successful events were held culminating by the Asian Boxing Confederation and the Asian boxers won many medals at the Hamburg 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships. This is a sign of good programs with the boxers and federations.

ASBC Federations have a distinct advantage having top Boxing Nations so close together which keeps travel costs to a minimum and on top of that many of the Federations have strong financial backing from their governments and strong financial sponsorships
The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo appears to be changing the face of our sport again. The increase in Women’s boxing and the demise of some of the strong lighter weights (if it goes ahead) will be disappointing for many particularly Asia who have many very good boxers in light weight categories that may be eliminated. I hope that a satisfactory solution can be found that allows fair distribution for all boxers.

ASBC are very fortunate to have a very good leader who has a strong background and knowledge of Boxing. ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev is a man of Charisma with good personal skills and excellent management ability, who relates well with all people. In the year ahead AIBA will face some huge hurdles and we will need wise heads and people without their own agendas to lead us back to prosperity and integrity. Mr. Serik Konakbayev is one of those people that I trust.

I note on the AIBA calendar for 2018 that ASBC features with many tournaments. OCBC need to be seeking invitations to those events close to our region and to build good relationships that will help all of our confederations to grow our sport and increase the standard of Boxing in the World,” said Mr. Keith Walker replying our questions about Asia’s boxing life.