Mongolia’s strong duo Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu and Misheelt Battumur won the titles in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament

The 9th edition of the Arziyev Brothers Tournament was held in the historical city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan where 12 champions have been crowned in the five-day long competition. Mongolia’s strong duo Rio 2016 Olympian Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu and Misheelt Battumur won their weight classes with strong performance in Osh where the Kyrgyz team won six gold medals.
Kyrgyzstan hosted the Duisenkul Shopokov Memorial Tournament in February and their second main international competition the Arziyev Brothers Tournament was taking place in Osh. Altogether 12 women and 78 women boxers attended in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament in Osh. The women boxers could take part in two weight classes while the men athletes fought in 10 divisions in the tournament.
Uzbekistan’s Aziza Yokubova did a small sensation in the final of the women’s flyweight (51kg) when she defeated ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships bronze medallist Jargalan Ochirbat in Osh. Her teammate Chinggis Khan Cup winner Tursunoy Rakhimova claimed only bronze medal in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament.
Uzbekistan’s Rio 2016 Olympian and two-time ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships bronze medallist Yodgoroy Mirzaeva defeated her teammate Raykhona Kodirova in the final of the women’s lightweight (60kg). Strong boxers as Russia’s Irina Safarova and Mongolia’s former ASBC Asian Women’s Champion Bolortuul Tumurkhuyag took bronze medals in Osh.
Kyrgyzstan’s Asylbek Amankul Uulu did a small surprise in the final of the light flyweight (49kg) where he defeated Uzbekistan’s Abrorbek Abdusalomov. Uzbekistan’s new face in their team Mansur Ismatullayev defeated two strong international boxers at the flyweight (52kg) such as Tajikistan’s Fayzen Rakhmatshoev and Mongolia’s Enkhmandakh Kharkhuu.
Mongolia’s Rio 2016 Olympian and Summer Universiade winner Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu stopped Kyrgyzstan’s Islam Kenzhebayev in the semi-final of the bantamweight (56kg) which was a quick bout. The 26-year-old Mongolian and his final opponent Uzbekistan’s National Champion Hasanboy Latibakhunov delivered a spectacular fight and Kharkhuu did enough to win their top bout.
Mongolia’s second title was achieved by Misheelt Battumur who joined to the national elite team in 2017. Since then he claimed silver medal in the Indian Open Tournament and dominated his lightweight (60kg) final against Kyrgyzstan’s Osh-based Shailoo Ravshanbek Uulu in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament.
Osh-based Makhmud-Ali Zheenaliyev landed lethal punches in the first round of this welterweight (69kg) final against FISU University World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Temirlan Osmonov and the referee confirmed his RSC success. Russia’s experienced international boxer Grigoriy Lizunenko lost his semi-final to Osmonov and captured only bronze in Osh.
Tajikistan’s Shokhrukh Ogonazarov moved up to the welterweight (69kg) and did enough in the final against Uzbekistan’s Akhrorbek Abdukakhorov to win his first international title in 2018. Bishkek’s Adilet Batyraliev achieved bronze medal in the 2011 AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships and he had high number of experiences to beat Dzhalal-Abad’s Mukhamadyusuf Akbarov at the middleweight (75kg).
Kyrgyz National Champion Ilyaz Akmataliyev trains in the Osh region and he knew the venue well enough. The 24-year-old boxer just moved up to the light heavyweight (81kg) in the recent months and has done a successful debut in his new division. Akmataliyev eliminated ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships bronze medallist Alisher Chatkalbekov and he was too strong also for Mirlan Kimsanov in the final.
Another local boxer Bektur Alymbek Uulu achieved title in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament following his narrow triumph over Uzbekistan’s Abdulakhad Gafforov at the heavyweight (91kg). Two Osh-based boxers advanced to the final of the super heavyweight (+91kg) where Baktybek Yermatbek was able to find the best distance against Sarvar Saipov.

List of the winners in the Arziyev Brothers Tournament
Women’s 51kg: Aziza Yokubova, Uzbekistan
Women’s 60kg: Yodgoroy Mirzaeva, Uzbekistan
Men’s 49kg: Asylbek Amankul Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s 52kg: Mansur Ismatullayev, Uzbekistan
Men’s 56kg: Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu, Mongolia
Men’s 60kg: Misheelt Battumur, Mongolia
Men’s 64kg: Makhmud-Ali Zheenaliyev, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s 69kg: Shokhrukh Ogonazarov, Tajikistan
Men’s 75kg: Adilet Batyraliev, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s 81kg: Ilyaz Akmataliyev, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s 91kg: Bektur Alymbek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s +91kg: Baktybek Yermatbek, Kyrgyzstan

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