Mongolian National Championships

Mongolian Nationals 024

Ten boxers defended their thrones in the Mongolian National Championships
The Mongolian National Championships was an important competition in the Asian boxing map before the main goals of 2016. The Mongolians have been preparing to the AIBA Asian & Oceania Olympic Qualifiers and their national event picked the bests to the squad. Record number of 81 women boxers attended in the Mongolian National Championships while 140 men were in action in Ulaanbaatar. Ten of the defending champions were able to keep their thrones in the Mongolian National Championships.
Twelve Mongolians have been selected to take part in the AIBA Asian & Oceania Olympic Qualifiers to Qianan following their National Championships. Their international preparation event will be the Strandja Memorial Tournament for their ladies soon before the qualification competition in China.
Incheon 2014 Asian Games bronze medallist 28-year-old Nandintsetseg Myagmardulam proved she is Mongolia’s top woman boxer who could beat Inner Mongolia’s Zhao Dandan in the final of the Flyweight class (51 kg). Buryatiya’s Natalia Shadrina, who has been fighting for Russia, defeated Mongolia’s No.1 Oyungurel Suvderdene in the final of the Women’s Lightweight class (60 kg) which was a small surprise. Promising Enkhbaatar Erdenetuya claimed the gold medal at the Women’s Middleweight class (75 kg) where she defeated Chen Jingling of Inner Mongolia.
In the non-Olympic women weight categories ASBC Asian Women’s Champion Bolortuul Tumurkhuyag moved up to the Bantamweight class (54 kg) where she defeated defending champion Myagmar Gundegmaa by unanimous decision. Nyamjargal Bayantsetseg did a small surprise when she defeated national team member Uranbileg Shinetsetseg at the Light Welterweight class (64 kg). Munkhbat Myagmarjargal, who moved down to the Welterweight class (69 kg), defeated the defending champion Odgerel Gerelgua in the Nationals.
ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Gankhuyag Ganerdene met with his old rival Ganselem Ariunbold in the final of the Light Flyweight class (49 kg) and he was able to beat him once again. A new face in the Flyweight class (52 kg) 24-year-old Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu defeated Gandulam Mungun-Erdene in the final which delivered for him his first ever success in the national level. Experienced boxers like Joldasbek Togtjanal and Battulga Batchuluun were not able to get medals in Ulaanbaatar.
Mongolia’s biggest hope in the near future 19-year-old Erdenebat Tsendbaatar defeated experienced Altengerel Davaadalai and multiple National Champion Enkhjargal Iderkhuu in his road to the gold medal at the Bantamweight class (56 kg). Tsendbaatar could be a big sensation of the Mongolian team at the AIBA Asian & Oceania Olympic Qualifiers in Qianan. The second bronze medal besides to Davaadalai was achieved by 18-year-old Battumur Misheelt in the category.
Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai was gold medallist in the Incheon 2014 Asian Games and also in the 2015 ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok and he is one of the main hope for Mongolia to get quota to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The Mongolian Lightweight class (60 kg) boxer defeated all of his main local rivals such as Bilguun Battulga, Tserenchimed Purevsuren and Otgonchuluun Batkhuu during the Nationals.
World Military Champion Battarsukh Chinzorig involved to the top team of Mongolia in 2014 and he was near to get big results in various Asian events but might be his time will come in the top events in 2016. The 24-year-old Light Welterweight class (64 kg) boxer was too strong for ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships silver medallist Norovbal Otgontumur in the gold medal bout.
London 2012 Olympian veteran Byamba Tuvshinbat defeated two younger hopes in the road to the final glory, he was too quick for Davaanyam Davaasuren in the semi-final and Batzorig Otgonjargal in the final of the Welterweight class (69 kg). Narmandakh Shinebayar stopped former AIBA World Boxing Championships competitor Battur Sodgerel in the semi-final and he continued the winning path against Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games bronze medallist Jargal Otgonjargal which bout was the repeat match of the 2015 final but the result became the opposite, Shinebayar won the important gold medal.
Veteran Sandagsuren Erdenebayar bagged another title in Mongolia following his victory over Kazakh-descent Tileuhan Ibraim in the gold medal bout while an international level boxer Khali Beknur missed to get any medal in Ulaanbaatar. The 33-year-old Erdenebayar competed in all Asian and worldwide events in the current Olympic era and will be there also in Qianan next month.
Kazakh-descent Tolek Erbolat competed in the 2012 AIBA Asian Olympic Qualifiers in Astana and has got the right to compete for Mongolia once again this year. The 25-year-old Heavyweight class (91 kg) athlete defeated veteran Chuluuntumur Tumurkhuyag in the gold medal bout while another experienced boxer ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships competitor Daivii Otgonbayar claimed bronze medal in Ulaanbaatar. Khishigbaatar Mandakhbayar competed in the Busan 2002 Asian Games and returned with a gold medal at the Super Heavyweight class (+91 kg) after stopping Bold Ganbayar before the final bell.

Winners in the Mongolian National Championships
Women’s 48 kg: Luvsantseren Altantsetseg
Women’s 51 kg: Nandintsetseg Myagmardulam
Women’s 54 kg: Bolortuul Tumurkhuyag
Women’s 57 kg: M. Namuun
Women’s 60 kg: Natalia Shadrina
Women’s 64 kg: Nyamjargal Bayantsetseg
Women’s 69 kg: Munkhbat Myagmarjargal
Women’s 75 kg: Enkhbaatar Erdenetuya
Men’s 49 kg: Gankhuyag Ganerdene
Men’s 52 kg: Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu
Men’s 56 kg: Erdenebat Tsendbaatar
Men’s 60 kg: Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai
Men’s 64 kg: Battarsukh Chinzorig
Men’s 69 kg: Byamba Tuvshinbat
Men’s 75 kg: Narmandakh Shinebayar
Men’s 81 kg: Sandagsuren Erdenebayar
Men’s 91 kg: Tolek Erbolat
Men’s +91 kg: Khishigbaatar Mandakhbayar