Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi was named as the Best Boxer of the Penang Pesta International Tournament

The exciting finals were held on the last fifth competition day at the Penang Trade Fair International Tournament or shortly known as Penang Pesta in Malaysia which was the last event in 2018. Following the finals, the Best Boxer Trophy of the Penang Pesta Tournament went to Malaysia’s Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi.
The competition period of the Penang Trade Fair International Tournament was between December 27 and 31 and the event is recognized for men’s elite and men’s youth boxers. Nine elite and seven youth finals were held in the fifth competition day of the Penang Trade Fair International Tournament where 16 winners have been crowned.
The following weight classes were scheduled in the men’s youth part of the Penang Pesta Tournament: 49kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg and 75kg. The men’s elite boxers attended in the event in nine different weight classes: 49kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg and 91kg.
Malaysia’s top youth talent Muhammad Rasdenal Haikal, who was quarter-finalist at the Bangkok 2018 ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships this April, eliminated all of his rivals with top performance in the Penang Pesta Tournament. The 17-year-old talent dominated all of the rounds against Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Ariffin in the final of the light flyweight (49kg) and won the first title of the competition.
Another Penang-based youth talent Sheik Rahmatullah Ibrahim amazed the crowd on Day3 of the competition when he bowed out of his way Thailand’s experienced Patipat Phetkhum and marched to the final of the flyweight (52kg). The 17-year-old Malaysian talent had to meet for the gold medal of this youth category with Sarawak’s Jackson Chambai Anak Ikeh and his efforts were enough to get the title.
Following Wilson Berayin Anak Sumbang’s and Daanisriwaran Muniandy’s successes in the next two youth finals a unique battle was held in the final of the youth light welterweight (64kg). Indonesia’s Jhonatan Siagian controlled all of his fights during his road to the final but he had to meet with Myanmar’s National Champion Thiha Zaw which was a close bout. The Indonesian boxer did his very best in the final and won his nation’s lone gold medal in the Penang Pesta Tournament.
Malaysia’s best elite boxer Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan is member of the national team since 2009 and he was too strong for all of his opponents at the light flyweight (49kg). The 27-year-old defending Southeast Asian Games winner dominated his semi-final and continued his tough performance against Muhamad Syawal Bin Shaharuddin which final ended by RSC in the first round.
Malaysia’s Youth National Champion and young future hope Muhamad Azlizam Bin Abu Talib delivered one of the main sensations of the fourth competition day when he defeated Singapore’s Southeast Asian Games silver medallist Mohamed Hanurdeen Bin Hamid. Azlizam walked over to the gold of the flyweight (52kg) against his main national rival Mohamed Azuwan Bin Mohamed Nor who was unable to in the day of the finals.
Mohamed Zulkailane Bin Mohamed Nor used up his international experiences to win the final of the bantamweight (56kg) against Jamie Wong Lee Onn in Penang. Malaysia’s national team member 22-year-old Arfiqanie Ahmad Bin Anshori stopped all of his rivals in the Penang Pesta Tournament including Daeloniel McDelon Bong in the final of the lightweight (60kg) proving that he is ready to do big things in 2019.
Malaysian National Games winner Mohammad Khairol Bin Kalai eliminated Myanmar’s top hope Kyaw Min Oo in the semi-final and he was slightly better than Terengganu’s Halim Izan Bin Sulaiman in the final of the light welterweight (64kg). Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi not only defeated Muhammad Syahmi Bin Mohamed Sanusi in the final of the welterweight (69kg) but he was named as the Best Boxer of the Tournament after all contests.
Myanmar attended in the Penang Pesta International Tournament at the very first time and Ye Lin Tun was able to capture a gold medal in the event winning the middleweight (75kg) following his success over Perak’s Wan Zuhaili Bin Wan Zain. The last two gold medals were achieved by Malaysia’s new hopes as Tengku Nashahrudin Bin Tengku Yeng (81kg) and Premkumar Ewaraja (91kg) in Penang.

List of the winners in the Penang Pesta International Tournament
Youth 49kg: Muhammad Rasdenal Haikal, Malaysia
Youth 52kg: Sheik Rahmatullah Ibrahim, Malaysia
Youth 56kg: Wilson Berayin Anak Sumbang, Malaysia
Youth 60kg: Daanisriwaran Muniandy, Malaysia
Youth 64kg: Jhonatan Siagian, Indonesia
Youth 69kg: Christyuden Anak Ripoh, Malaysia
Youth 75kg: Wan Muhammad Haniff Bin Wan Zahalan, Malaysia
Elite 49kg: Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan, Malaysia
Elite 52kg: Muhamad Azlizam Bin Abu Talib, Malaysia
Elite 56kg: Mohamad Zulkailane Bin Mohamed Nor, Malaysia
Elite 60kg: Arfiqanie Bin Ahmad Anshori, Malaysia
Elite 64kg: Mohamad Khairol Bin Kalai, Malaysia
Elite 69kg: Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi, Malaysia
Elite 75kg: Ye Lin Tun, Myanmar
Elite 81kg: Tengku Nashahrudin Bin Tengku Yeng, Malaysia
Elite 91kg: Premkumar Ewaraja, Malaysia

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